Ask and Tell: Winnie Harlow's House of CB Indochine Swimsuit

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House of CB Indochine Swimsuit

The Item: House of CB Indochine Swimsuit spotted on supermodel Winnie Harlow.

You Asked: Hope the picture went through this time. I have a question regarding a swimsuit I saw on Winnie Harlow. I am wanting a sexy swimsuit to take with me in a few weeks. It’s my first time going overseas so I want to look hot! But price is a little of a problem. I spent a lot on my flight and bunch of things but I still want a cute outfit for the beach. So my question is what’s the swimsuit called because I can’t find it on the site and how much is it? Thanks.

Ask and Tell: Winnie Harlow’s House of CB Indochine Swimsuit

The Verdict: Well have fun lady! Also, the swimsuit you are referring to is super sexy and will definitely garner you some attention while you’re relaxing. Winnie’s winning look is by House of CB. Online you will find that it is named the Indochine Swimsuit. However, the full name is the House of CB Indochine Blush Lace Up One Piece Swimsuit. Hope that helps you locate it the next time you search for it online.

House of CB Indochine Swimsuit

Nevertheless, we totally get the price thing and good news, the Indochine just went on sale! The price was slashed from $105 to $75. A savings of $30. So then, snag it up before House of CB sells out.

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House of CB Indochine Swimsuit