Grown-ish Season 2 -FINALLY Coming Back January 2nd 2019

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Grown-ish Season 2

Fans (and we) have not been happy over the seeming delay of Grown-ish Season 2. While streaming capabilities i.e. Hulu, does allow us to get a “fix” by watching all of season one’s episodes, it’s time for some new material Freeform! For weeks social media has been littered with fan comments such as:

“When is the exact day its coming back so I can start my countdown.”

“Now hurry up.”

“I love this show I’m so excited I miss it so much.”

“When does this sh*t come back on tf.”

Grown-ish Season 2

It is clear, Season 2’s arrival is being anxiously awaited. Freeform decided to put us all out of our misery (yay); by releasing a return date. Grown-ish Season 2 shall appear January 2, 2019. The premiere will be an hour long to ensure we are all reeled in for all the new-new. FINALLY!

Grown-ish Season 2 -FINALLY Coming Back January 2nd 2019

Grown-ish Season 2

So what’s going down with the cast this time? Well, during the promo trailer for season 2 actress Yara Shahidi’s character, Zoey can be heard stating,

“I personally love a sequel. It’s the opportunity to do things bigger and better. Hello adulthood.”

Therefore, be prepared for more drama, confusion, triumphs and fails as the cast continues to embrace the trials and tribulations of learning to adult. Furthermore, also look forward to more eye candy.

Besides, Luka Sabbat and Trevor Jackson; cutie Diggy Simmons will be hitting your screen on a regular basis. Regarding the move Freeform confirms, “Guess who’s back, back again. Diggy Simmons is back as a recurring character this season.”

Thank you Lord (lol). Well,  it looks like there is much to look forward to with this awesome cast. Save the date because Grown-ish will be back in just a few weeks!

Grown-ish Season 2

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