2016 Beauty Trend: Nude Nails

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2016 Beauty Trend: Nude Nails

We’re living in a world where we buy one thing and two seconds later it’s yesterday’s news. From our smartphones to our Jimmy Choos, everything seems to come packaged with an end of cool date. The beauty world is no exception to the expiration rule. Beauty trends come and go, but one trend that we are proud to say made it another year in the realm of fabulosity is one that is actually quite a lifesaver too. The 2016 Beauty Trend that is a girl’s best friend and a nail color classic is nude nails.

Nude nails are like the equivalent of the black heel, it will basically go with everything. No guesswork, no fretting and absolutely no fear of the dreaded discoloration often connected and associated with darker nail tints.

Nude Nails- Get The Look

There are several nude nails shades on the market but these are two of our personal favorites. We tested both and two coats are all you need to look like you went and treated yourself to a salon mani! Shhh! We’ll never tell…

2016 Beauty Trend: Nude Nails2

ESSIE Spring 2016 Collection “High Class Affair”

2016 Beauty Trend: Nude Nails3

ORLY “Pure Porcelain”

2016 Beauty Trend: Nude Nails4

Cool Factor: Nude nails just a tad too much of, how do we say, a bore? Welp, you would not be alone. Many shy away from the tint due to its very conservative vibe. Nevertheless, don’t be afraid to add some embellishments in order to take things up a notch.

We are still reminiscing of the nail look we spotted for the Lie Sangbong Spring/Summer 2016 Collection. Nails were given a textured effect. You can get the same look by applying a coat of your favorite creamy/neutral nail polish to clean and filed nails. Then apply two coats of a textured topping such as Jinsoon x Barney’s Sahara Topping. Finish things off will a coat of glossy topcoat and you’ll be the belle of the nail art ball.

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2016 Beauty Trend: Nude Nails5