Gain Gorgeous Skin With Eggs

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Black Beauty

Beauty Quickie: Eggs are not only beneficial to keep you healthy on the inside, they also do wonders on your outside. Let’s breakdown the egg for a moment to really understand the benefits that can be derived from eggs. Eggs when directly applied to the skin can moisturize as well as tighten. More specifically:

1. Egg Yolks: Moisturize
2. Egg Whites: Tighten

Experience these benefits by taking one egg and separating the egg yolk from the egg white. Next, stir the egg whites and egg yolks up in separate containers and then apply the egg yolk mixture to your face allowing it to dry for 10 minutes or until it becomes stiff. Rinse off the egg yolk with warm (not hot) water and pat your face dry. Repeat these steps with the egg whites and in no time you will notice a fresher complexion and tighter pores.