How To Change A Round Face Shape

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How To Change A Round Face Shape

To change your face shape you do not have to go consult with a plastic surgeon in regards to your options. All you need is a little makeup magic in the form of the technique known as “contouring.” By adding a darker shade to the skin in the right places your natural face shape can be safely altered. Remember as a rule of thumb that anything darker than your natural skin tone will make that particular area appear to recede and anything lighter will seem to be more prominent.

For those with a round face shape that would like to make their face appear more oval they will need to get used to the number three. One because it is three different areas that will need to be focused on when applying a darker shade but also because that numerical form is an exact outline to follow. Picture in your mind the number “3” as if it was placed over a face. Bronzer or any darker tint than your natural skin tone will need to placed along the temples, hollow of the cheeks as well as the chin.

How To Change A Round Face Shape2

Therefore, to make a round face shape appear more oval you will need to contour as if you were creating a “3” shape. How dark of a tint should be used when contouring? Aim for a shade that is 1-2 shades darker than your skin tone.

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