Fenty Classified Sunglasses in Black Gold on Imaan Hammam-Ask and Tell!

Fenty Classified Sunglasses
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The Item: Egyptian and Top model, Imaan Hammam wearing Rihanna’s Fenty Classified Sunglasses in Black Gold! The stunning supermodel was spotted in her highend designer shades in a set of photographs posted to social media platform, Instagram. Hammam is not new to Rih’s couture brand. Imaan has modeled designs of Fenty at events as well as on red carpets.



You Asked: Are these Fentys? This looks like the glasses Rihanna is selling but I’m not quite sure. But mainly I want to know the price. I would love to own something by Fenty but it is so expensive. Hopefully these aren’t so bad.

Fenty Classified Sunglasses in Black Gold on Imaan Hammam-Ask and Tell


Fenty Classified Sunglasses


The Verdict: Hello! Thank you for reaching out to us! You have a good eye for fashion… Imaan is in fact wearing Fenty. In the photos you sent over she is wearing Fenty’s Classified Sunglasses in colorway Black Gold.


Fenty Classified Sunglasses


However, if you do not like this more “classic” hue. There are other colors to choose from to fit your personal style. Nevertheless, the time has come to talk price. Fenty is a luxury brand and many are finding that prices are a lot higher than other fashion releases of Rihanna’s in the past. However, these glasses are probably less expensive than other designs available for purchase. Currently, Classified’s retail for $480.


Fenty Classified Sunglasses


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