How to Take a Great Photo

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How to Take a Great Photo

Alright ladies we have all summer to get you prepped for next school year’s picture day or if you just want to look fierce in your summer selfies and pics with friends you are going to want to keep reading! Some find great anxiety in taking photos whether for a very specific reason or just for kicks. However, there are a few things you can do to look more flawless.

1. Dress Accordingly– It can feel like one big fashion show on Instagram and Tumblr, but remember it is about you and not everyone else. Wear clothes that fit well and that are not too busy. That loud geometric print ensemble may look a little messy in a photo, remember that less can be more and streamline.

2. Check Yo’ Self– You would not believe how many times that hair can mess up an otherwise “perfect” photo. Always look yourself over or have a trusted friend check you out and fix accordingly.

3. Stay Up– Avoid the dreaded double chin look in photos by keeping your head up.

4. Beat the Jitters– If you tend to get nervous and look like a deer in the headlights try thinking happy thoughts. More specifically, before the photo is snapped look away for a second and think of something really funny then look back at the camera and smile.

5. Fake an Overcast– Did you know that when it is overcast outside it is actually an ideal time to take a photo? Well, now that summer is upon us you can still fake these ideal conditions by setting your camera’s flash in sunlight mode. Doing so, will actually help to even out skin tone.

6. Work Those Angles– Take a clue from celebrities who walk the red carpet, for the most part they NEVER face the camera straight on. Create a long diagonal line and ultimately slimming effect by placing one leg out in front and pivoting your body slightly to the side. Place one hand your hips and you have struck one of the most famous Hollywood poses!

Alright girls now get out there and work it!!!

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