Fenty Beauty Brow MVP -Transform Your Look in Seconds!

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Fenty Beauty Brow MVP

Started at Sephora and now we here! Yes, makeup loves Fenty Beauty Brow MVP started as a “not so secret” cosmetics rumor at a recent Sephora event held in Las Vegas, Nevada. However, now the official first looks of this new Rihanna makeup product is here; and trust us… it is going to COMPLETELY transform for your makeup!

Fenty Beauty Brow MVP -Transform Your Look in Seconds!

Fenty Beauty Brow MVP

What’s new? The design Baby Girl, you HAVE TO get into this brow product’s design! It’s a dual ended Brow Pencil that makes shaping and defining your eyebrows a cinch.

Seriously, quicker than you can say, “Draw me like one of your French girls Jack;” Brow MVP whips your eyebrows into high gear. How? First of all, magic lies within the pencil itself. It is self-sharpening.

While that in itself may not seem like a big butt deal, in makeup creation it is. You see, as a pencil continues to be used it effects the tip. In a couple of uses you can go from perfection, to omg what happened?! Moreover, the tip is everything, it’s how you make lines look cleaner and more defined.

Self sharpening products rock because they help prevent application issues. Since as with use, the tip tends to get too fat to make a thin line. Furthermore, when it comes to Brow shaping for the most natural looking finish you need precision. Precise, thin strokes that resemble actual Brow hair. Without the self-sharpening feature one would have to constantly use a sharpener in order to consistently get the same great results.

The Fenty Beauty Brow MVP accomplishes this without you even having to think about it. No fat tips! Brow MVP gives you a sharp edge to work with, each and every time. PLUS… this means less makeup equipment is needed, saving you time and money.

No need to invest in eyebrow pencil sharpener because Rihanna’s brow pencil is well-designed to give you the “sharp” look you crave. That’s one of the reasons it’s the MVP (insert cheers and applause).

Fenty Beauty Brow MVP – “Brushing Up” on Technique

Moving on to a few other features we love about this amazing product; let’s talk about that brush honey child! Like… leave it Rih to come with an ACTUAL brush, brush.

With eyebrow pencils most of us are probably use to the kind that is just one row of bristles; OR the kind that resembles an eyelash separation comb tool. Heck, some of us are still out here doing the most with a toothbrush (and we feel no shame lol). Nevertheless, it wouldn’t be Rihanna to just hop on the already non-innovative eyebrow pencil train. She’s extra, and my gawd do we all love her for it!

Her mini brush design will not miss a hair, as you brush your brow hairs into the desired look. Nonetheless, why is a brow brush important in the first place? Brow brushes help to tame and shape your eyebrows.

Why Use a Brow Brush When Shaping

Works the same as an actual hair brush would. When you brush your hair you are able to “tame” strands in order to create a particular style. Brow brushes accomplish the same result. Moreover, regardless, if your brows are thicker than a snicker or super thin a brush will help your brows look 10x better.

For instance, when you take a closer look into current eyebrow trends; you will notice that full brows are all the rage. So then, a trick to creating the illusion of big, hard-not-notice brows is to brush them upward. On the other hand, if your hairs are a little too long and lean looking, you can easily trim them up by snipping the excess hair after brushing them down.

Moreover, some other eyebrow brush tips that we picked up from our makeup pro buddies is to:

• Brush all hairs upward with an eyebrow grooming brush, then use tiny scissors to trim any tips that stick out.

• After brushing hairs up, take a slanted tweezer and pluck strays from beneath your brow to help elongate and slim the face.

The Secret is Out… Get Rihanna’s Eyebrow Look!

Want brows like Rihanna? Well, now you can! Her personal makeup artist and global Fenty Beauty ambassador, Priscilla Ono; gave up all the beauty intel! Ono reveals,

“Fun fact, for Rihanna’s brows she actually likes to use two colors. She does a slightly darker color at the very end of her brow and then a lighter color on the beginning of the brow so it gives this ombre effect.

This was really a labor of love for Rihanna. She really wanted to make sure we were inclusive not only on skin, but also for brow.”

Got it? Now you may be wondering why you should use two different eyebrow pencil colors instead of one. We actually was wondering the same thing too. The verdict? Using 2 different shades helps add dimension the same way highlights work to break up hair color.

Pretty cool right? Nevertheless, Ono is a wealth of makeup knowledge besides knowing how to highlight your brows properly. She also knows how YOU will be able to get the most beautiful results from Brow MVP! In a demonstration Ono suggests:

• Warming up the product on the back of your  hand so the color delivers evenly immediately.

•Also, for a pro level look remember to brush the hairs upwards.

•Lastly, do not allow the look of the brow to intimidate you. Since this tool is unlike your typical spoolie on the ends of most brow products it will still help deliver the same gentle results!

Brow MVP literally comes with a real looking brush that looks like a hair brush that’s been shrunk down for our using pleasure.

BONUS: Check out more on what Ono had to say below!

THE MOST Important Feature of Fenty Beauty Brow MVP

Fenty Beauty Brow MVP

Besides, all of the cool design features that are apart of this launch; the most important part CANNOT be ignored… the colors! Yes, babes this product has some SERIOUS range. As our previous exclusive on this brow pencil by Rihanna mentioned; Brow MVP is dropping with an impressive 14 shades availability.

Why is this so outstanding? For one thing, eyebrows come in more tones than just the typical or usual Brow product colors; dark brown or black. Like Foundation, Rihanna is pushing the boundary forward when it comes to eyebrow pencil hues.

Now whether you have black hair, brown hair or are a blonde; or a redhead. Within Fenty Beauty’s range you can locate a shade that matches better to your natural eyebrow color. For a natural looking match, means a natural looking finish.

Okay… So… Now What?

After this cool release the question still remains, okay so what’s next? Rihanna has been successfully and systematically releasing cosmetics for every area of the face. Us fans are loving EVERYTHING and the proof is in the numbers.

As of now Fenty is kicking butt and taking makeup names by:

• The Fenty Effect: 500 million euros. That figure represents the sales generated by Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty range in its first full year in business, LVMH reported during February 2019.

• Forbes reported that following 15 months of operation, in 2018, Fenty Beauty accumulated US$570 million in revenue.

• Time Magazine named their Most Genius Companies of 2018, and recognized Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty.

• When the brand debuted in September 2017 it causally made $72 million in one month.

As one can see, it is clear that Rihanna gets and understands her makeup market. They cry out for Hydrating Foundation; and BOOM she gives it to them. Nevertheless, what is the latest demand?

Mascara. Rihanna is definitely giving the people what they want when it comes to foundation, lip color, eye shadow and now brow pencils. However, eyelashes are the new frontier for the Fenty Beauty brand. It’s uncharted waters if you will. However, it is a piece that NEEDS to be apart of the Fenty Beauty rolodex.

We Have a Dream… for Lashes Rihanna!

Okay. So in our perfect beauty realm this is what WE hope to see next. Mascara that gives lashes an intense volume, plus longer length look. A product that will be good for us fake eyelash challenged girls (uhm… hello over here lol).

Moreover, falsies still reign supreme, so Rihanna might as well as drop those too! It would be REALLY awesome if she releases mascara and false eyelashes at the same time. That way no matter which way someone swings that can buy the lash product that suits them the most.

Additionally, she could name her falsies after her songs or image. Like imagine stepping out for a night on the town in some lashes called: Savage, Diamonds (and they come with actual sparkle Ahhhh! lol); Pon de Replay, California King Bed, Badgal, What’s My Name?; Umbrellas, Work, S.O.S. ; Anti, Russian Roulette or Rehab. Can you say fire?

We are just spit balling here, but as you can easily see, eye lash products could be a cool wave for Fenty Beauty to ride. As we await to see if any of the above comes to fruition; we will just happily buy, use and celebrate what’s already here.

The Final Word

Fenty Beauty Brow MVP already looks and feels like a winner. By the way, Brow MVP actually has a WAY LONGER official name. It is called the  Fenty Beauty Brow MVP Ultra Fine Brow Pencil & Styler. Whew! Try saying that five times fast.

Yet, before we go it would be highly rude if we left before discussing price. So let’s! According to luxury retailer Harvey Nichols, Brow MVP will come in at a price tag of £17. In dollars that will be $20. A price that is still quite affordable in terms of makeup.

Nevertheless, are you ready to get your hands on one? Be sure to act fast when it drops on August 23rd at fentybeauty.com, Sephora and Harvey Nichols.