Fashion Combo Fur and Enlarged Scarves

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Fashion Combo Fur and Shawls

Half the country is freezing their rastafarian-nay-nays off (OMG wasn’t Cool Runnings an awesome movie!) and the other half is somewhat surviving on erratic weather. Here in California some days are typical warm Cali days and then the next day its raining. For those who need to keep warm but still want to look fresh and modern, try uniting the scarf and fur coat with a nice pair of pants or denim.

The shirt for this ensemble can be plain since it will be hidden by an quite large scarf. You will stay nice and warm with this couture combination yet look fashion forward. Remember scarves and fur coats can be bold all on their own; therefore, when adding accessories such as a handbag be sure to match it to one piece or the other in order to maintain cohesion.

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