Fashion Business Inc.'s "All Aboard...LA's Fashion Platiform" Event

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We are so excited for spring and it’s only October! Our fashion cup runneth over due to the runway shows we caught at the “All Aboard” fashion event. There were so many show-stopping looks, you’ll be on this blog all day and night if we showed you every piece we absolutely loved. So with much debate and voting, here is 1966’s runway review!

Let’s begin with designer, Johnny Was whose collection was fun and flirty. We loved the use of color and the dramatic lengths of dresses as well as the wraps. Everything had a resort style feel that is perfect for any jet-setter.

Nameless USA had some of the most lively pieces of the night strutting down the runway. From pants to skirts Nameless USA showed much innovation and creativity. For example, we saw a floral print going down the sides of a blue pant instead of maybe a more traditional stripe or solid color. We also enjoyed their take on a peplum skirt.




The Jet Age collection had a little something for everyone. There were pieces that had a rocker edge thanks to leather skirts and jackets as well as hot pants. Nonetheless, Jet Age also seemed to have an athletic vibe with some garments looking like it was inspired by a chic boxer. The overall show to us was simply ingenious.



White Couture seems to be a trend every spring and this year is proving to be no different. During many of the shows we did spot white fashions, but one jumpsuit by Liberty Sage really stood out. The collar and zipper detail work was exquisite and it had pockets! We really wish designers would include more clothing with pockets in their designs, because it makes it so much easier when out and about to carry necessary items. We would love to scale down our purses at times; however, where would we put everything? So then, kudos to Liberty Sage for being trendy and knowing what women want most.


Next up, is the runway show for the Continuous collection. Continuous is for the girl who likes to party and has a serious wild side. She hits the streets and the people know her name and she always stands out from the pack. We loved the graphic print pants, dresses, swimwear and the crop tops. The line just made us want to have some fun in the sun.


Moving on to designer, Maison Castel who delivered one gorgeous dress after another. Watch out now, LBD alert! There’s not much in this world that is chicer than a little black dress, case in point the one we saw during the Maison Castel runway show. There was a longer version of this dress that we felt was equally as cool; both dresses had an extra flowing section of fabric connected to the front that added an understated hint of flair. We felt overall the whole collection was very original.


The fashions of designer, Quynh Paris, were fearless and imaginative. We beheld new shapes, styles and impeccable construction. Two looks that stood out to us was a daring off the shoulder garment with a serious high split. If you have great gams to show off then this is the outfit to do it with! Moreover, we laid eyes on a stunning white paneled dress that received many oohs and awws from the crowd.


Lastly, can we please give a round of applause to designer, Rosario? My goodness every single garment was phenomenal, classy and glamorous. Which is interesting because the color palette was rather simple: yellow, blue, black and white. However, Rosario showed that simplicity can still be turned into a majestic piece of art. The collection had a modern retro vibe and we were picking up everything that was being laid down. The dress we are coveting the most was this blue cut-out dress (see above) that was just to die for and words cannot explain. All we could do was shout, “Work!”… as the model walked by. Rosario surely knows how to put on a show!







Arianne Suggs is the founder of 1966 Magazine. I love to write about fashion, beauty, lifestyle, fitness and travel. Join me on my journey.