Facebook Stories- Yet Another Update Proving Snapchat's Epicness

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Facebook Stories

Snapchat really should sue. Yesterday, many Facebook users who’s apps are set to automatically update were met with quite a surprise. Facebook is now equipped with Facebook Stories. The look and feel is very similar to Instagram, which makes sense because Mr. Zuckerberg owns both social platforms. Nevertheless, the memes and tweets over the change are already pouring in and they basically sum up how we’re all feeling.

Facebook Stories- Yet Another Update Proving Snapchat’s Epicness

Please…someone make it all stop! Snapchat changed the game with social thanks to their infamous Snapchat Stories. So fun to make, easy to send and don’t get us started on their one-of-a-kind filters. However, we should have known that in time there would come to be copycats.

Actually, naw we shouldn’t have been surprised one bit. Instagram basically emptied the clip into Vine right at the gate. Changing the platform from just a photo sharing app to one also capable of handling video. Vine hung in there for as long as possible but ultimately waved the white flag leaving all of us to say, “Rest in peace.”

Facebook Stories

We don’t know if the murdering of Vine is what emboldened IG to try the same divide and conquer tactic with its latest foe, Snapchat. However, it doesn’t seem to be working or having the same success. You see, Instagram pulled the copycat on Vine right when Vine was still gaining traction. When Instagram tried to go for the jugular with SC, Snapchat was already established as a platform to be reckoned with and feared.

Moreover, users were already used to having two separate apps for their social sharing needs. Obviously, the Instagram and Facebook family has been feeling the heat of competition thus continuing to clutter up both platforms in order to stay relevant.

Facebook Stories

Yes, we used the word “clutter.” Facebook and Instagram officially have too much going on and they can’t seem to hit the brakes. We are literally watching a car wreck that is easily avoidable. What’s happening now is Facebook and sister platform Instagram is going to lose touch with their users. Cue Brad Pitt meme photo.

Facebook Stories

A mass exodus had already occurred when Facebook had questionable privacy issues. Moreover, remember when Instagram attempted to pull the same card saying that no one would really own their own content and it could be “sold?” Well, everyone including celebrities spoke up on that one and threatened to leave and guess what? Instagram changed their tune and even said that was never what they intended. Right.

Now we have Facebook Stories. As the saying goes, “Imitation is the biggest form of flattery.” FB Stories work the same as Snapchat Stories. Videos, photos, filters that can be shared with those on your friend’s list or publicly. The layout is a carbon copy of Instagram’s look. Literally, not a single thing is different, even the colored ring around the profile picture made the cut.

However, the layout just seems overworked, overwhelming and plainly overdone. It just feels out of place. Facebook Live was a complete flop so we really can’t see Facebook Stories as faring much better. Especially, since it looks like the people are speaking out… again.

Facebook Stories

Facebook Stories – Keeping It One Hundred

The consumer is always right. Any company would be the first to chant that fact. Nevertheless, so far the opinion of the latest FB update isn’t favorable. Here’s what’s being said:

“Facebook has Stories now… I’m out.”

“LMAO this outta control Facebook has Stories now pls Twitter no Stories pls.”

“Facebook starts Snapchat type feature on its app… If you can’t buy it build it.”

“Why in every world are there Facebook Stories now?! Like come on.”

“Facebook Stories look like an ill-fitting mask.”

“Just when you think you can’t hate Facebook anymore they add a “Stories” component.”

“Facebook has Stories like I really care what the kid who dropped out in 8th grade is doing on a daily basis.”

“Why Facebook got this bootleg Snapchat?”

“Facebook Stories sounds so new and innovative I can’t wait to hear what original idea they come up with next.”

“Can we leave stories to Snapchat? Instagram kinda hate that you do it too but sorta accepting it at this point.”

“Facebook looking desperate with the Stories.”

“Facebook now has Stories. Shoutout to Tumblr for being superior and not conforming.”

“Snapchat Stories: Great idea!

Instagram Stories: Cool I guess

Facebook Stories: Too damn much y’all.”

“Facebook Stories is the new best thing since Instagram Stories. Instagram stories are the best thing since snap stories. Wait…”

“From Worst to Best

6) WhatsApp stories 

5) Messenger Stories 

4) Facebook Stories 

3) Instagram stories 

2) Snapchat Stories 

1) Bedtime stories.”

Facebook Stories- In Conclusion

All in all it’s just a really bad idea. No one likes it and we wish it would just go away. Moreover, what makes it worse is that we all know FB wanted to buy out Snapchat. On several occasions, but SC stuck to their guns and morals eventually taking the crown. This is a major “L” that even has Meek Mill shaking his head.

Facebook has literally shown that they can’t compete and have zero new ideas coming to the table. This update solidifies it. As a result, we’re all standing with Vine giving the slow clap as they prepare to pass the flag.

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Facebook Stories