Discover Fine Art Painting And What It Involves

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The paintings that are produced by artists sometimes make no sense, but to the ones that understand it is a way of relaying a message or an expression of someone or something.  Paintings can capture the viewer’s eye and once they are able to look and understand its meaning it becomes magical.

The common instruments used in fine art include brushes, ink, pens, charcoal, crayons and chalk. These are the essentials that are needed for painting and without them it is impossible to paint well or produce the type of fine art that is needed.

Contemporary art

This form of art is said to be a form that has been produced in the present period in time. It involves a very strict and basic idea of art different from the ordinary traditional methods hence the name “contemporary”.  The difference is that contemporary deals with visual art in its presentation as text as compared with the traditional art which involves freedom of expression and which does not entail a lot of ideas or thinking too much plus no text is required.


Abstract art

Abstract art allows more freedom of expression. This type of art can incorporate geometric shapes, bright colors and lines. Basically you are free to do what you want with your painting and you can choose to include colors or not and you can choose to be representational or not.  Anything is possible as long as you maintain a balance and you can attract the viewer’s attention. Abstract art is the most free form of fine art.

Figurative abstraction and fine art

This kind of “fine art painting” involves a tactical understanding of abstract shapes. It is the opposite of abstract art because it involves figures that provide a clear understanding of what the exact image is about.

Abstract figuration

This kind of fine art painting involves both abstract art and figurative art. They express fine art in those two forms and they are both intertwined together. They use the different figures and they use several geometric shapes as well.

“Fine art paintings” with their different forms are great ways to express how someone feels. They are essential because through art you are able to find that inner part of you that may be hidden. In addition, it helps you express how you truly see or feel and it helps you to have an open mind with the different images you may want to paint.  For more information, check out