Dior 70 Years Exhibition- Featuring Over 300 Haute Couture Creations!

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Dior 70 Years Exhibition

In the midst of some amazing Paris fashion shows, we take a quick break to tell you about another voguish event! If you adore all things Christian Dior then a must-see for you is the Dior 70 Years Exhibition. This amazing display showcases over 300 Haute Couture creations! Thus reinforcing the revolutionary impact the Dior House has had on not only the fashion industry, but also the world.

Dior 70 Years Exhibition- Featuring Over 300 Haute Couture Creations

Dior 70 Years Exhibition

What can be expected if you choose to the tour the Dior 70 Years Exhibition? The Dior house released an in-depth statement explaining the exhibit’s retrospective and unparalleled immersion into Dior’s past and present. Dior states,

“A house as important as Dior merits a phenomenal exhibition to celebrate it’s 70th year shaping the fashion sphere. At the Musee des Arts Decortifs in Paris. A breathtaking retrospective featuring over 300 haute couture creations invites visitors on an extraordinary voyage of discovery through the world of Dior.

From Christian Dior’s own beginnings to the inception of the house. Right up to the present under Maria Grazia Chiuri! The two curators, Florence Muller and Olivier Gabet, convey their message through a chronological and thematic layout. That inhabits and brings together the museum’s fashion areas and nave for the first time.

Dior 70 Years Exhibition

Wide ranging and incomparably comprehensive. The exhibition takes visitors on a voyage of discovery. Through the world of the House’s founder and the illustrous designers who succeeded him.”

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Dior 70 Years Exhibition