Black Girl Fitness: Couple Workout Routine -Halle Berry Demonstrates!

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Couple Workout Routine

Summer will be here before we know it. Don’t let warmer weather, bikinis, maxi dresses, and short-shorts catch you off guard. Get ready to showcase your best body ever, by doing a hard-hitting couple workout routine right now!

Black Girl Fitness: Couple Workout Routine -Halle Berry Demonstrates

Actress Halle Berry is still spilling all of her fitness secrets. Her latest? Working out with your SO. Nevertheless, why should you give this type of workout a try? Berry says,

“Today is all about the couple workout. It’s often easier to workout with a partner. A partner holds you accountable so you won’t quit halfway through. A partner can spot you so you don’t injure yourself; but most of all, working out with a partner just makes it all more fun!

Here are two simple exercises you and your boo can do at home. It’s a plank with a squat and each person gets a workout at the same time. Squats for butt and legs, and plank for core and upper body. Do 20 reps for 10 sets. If you’re just beginning, do 10 reps for 5 sets.”

Couple Workout Routine -Halle Berry Demonstrates

Halle Berry is one of the hottest women ever. Therefore, if that is her advice we are taking it! Get like Halle and try out this couple workout routine. Here is how to do it with photo reference!

Couple Workout Routine Couple Workout Routine

One partner gets into plank position, while the other stands behind in a deep squat with feet slightly wider than shoulder width apart; while holding the planker’s feet. The squater should then stand up with knees slightly bent. This is the start position.

From the start position, the planker continues to hold their position while the squater squats down. Perform 20 reps for 10 sets, or if just beginning, do 10 reps for 5 sets.

Once all the sets are completed, switch positions. The squater moves to the plank, while the planker becomes the squater. Then perform the same amount of reps again. Want a major challenge? Instead of reps just do as many reps as you can do before the burn becomes too much.

Couple Workout Routine Couple Workout Routine


Couple Workout Routine

Working out solo is cool, but don’t miss out on all the benefits that working out as a couple can accomplish! While there are SO many, here are five awesome benefits that may just convince you to give Halle’s tip a try.

Keeping Things Fresh– Sometimes after awhile working out can seem a little stale. Used to the same walls, scenery, moves and music. However, add a partner and now its a party! Suddenly, exercising will feel less like the norm thanks to the addition of a new dynamic. Plus, you may find yourself working even harder just to impress your babe.

Stronger Bond– You both will be sticking closer than a pair of atoms. Science and research is showing that couples that work out together experience a stronger bond with each other which leads to a strengthened relationship. Awwww!

I Challenge You to a Duel!- Without swords of course, unless you both are into that kind of thing or fencing. Nevertheless, a couple workout routine provides an avenue for healthy competition. As both partners challenge each other to workout harder or longer, better results can be experienced and achieved.

Mama I’m a Cheerleader– Everyone needs encouragement sometimes. The great thing is when you are working out with your love you have a built in cheerleader. Someone with your best interests in mind that also wants to see you succeed. Both of you can “woo” and “you got this” each other to more tone bodies.

Catching FeelingsAnd Z’s– As we already established you and the boo will be falling for each other more. However, by getting your fitness on you both will also enjoy better sleep and less stress. Score!

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