ColourPop Cosmetics The Child Palette Inspired by Disney+ The Mandalorian!

ColourPop Cosmetics The Child Palette
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ColourPop Cosmetics The Child Palette


ColourPop Cosmetics The Child Palette is one of those makeup releases that you already know it’s going to sell out as soon as it drops! It’s literally everything any makeup lover could want to possess. This palette is a fresh take on glamorous greens and shimmering eye tones. PLUS… the packaging makes you want to whip out your credit card faster than “Baby Yoda” eats a frog!


ColourPop Cosmetics The Child Palette


Therefore, what all are you getting from this palette? Well, this awesome collaboration between ColourPop and Disney features nine dazzling eye colors to mesmerize and stun onlookers. ALSO… my goodness… the eyeshadow names are beyond adorable themselves. If you are a true fan of Star Wars and the hit Disney Plus show, The Mandalorian; you are going to love every last shadow name! They are:

Precious Cargo

• Right Hand Mando

• Just Like a Tatooine

• Sipping Soup

• Baby Face

• The Force

• Little Frog

• Float Your Crib

• Droid Protocol

Okay, so right? Did we lie?! When there’s a palette with an eyeshadow named “The Force” you don’t question, you just buy Honey!

Also, who can’t wait to tell someone, “Whatever Floats Your Crib!” (Raises hand slowly Lol). So, as one can see, ColourPop put some pure Nerd energy into this release and we are so here for it!

ColourPop Cosmetics The Child Palette Inspired by Disney+ The Mandalorian!


ColourPop Cosmetics The Child Palette


Baby Yoda, is a big freaking deal. But also let’s be clear, Yoda, he is not. Even though that’s the name that the Internet has given to this new beloved Disney character; the show series timeline actually takes place and picks up after Return of the Jedi. Meaning the Yoda has already passed.

Nevertheless, the internet is undefeated so Baby Yoda is fitting Lol. Moreover, The Child became such a phenomenon that it is recognized as the biggest character to emerge out of 2019. Launching a slew of memes, songs, and super cutesy merch.

So how does all of that tie in; and what exactly is the CP brand revealing about their Disney Plus Mandalorian inspired eyeshadow palette? EVERYTHING! In a statement the cosmetics company states,

“The galaxy will never be the same! Introducing ‘The Child’ Palette inspired by the Lucasfilm series, The Mandalorian on Disney +. Launching on October 29th.



The Child Palette [is a] Monochromatic olive green palette [that] features a mix of mattes and metallic shades! The Child, affectionately referred to as Baby Yoda; stole our hearts so we created the cutest olive green, limited edition palette in the galaxy!

Coming to a galaxy near you… The prettiest and cutest greens. Shop the new palette, limit 2 palettes per transaction.”




ColourPop Cosmetics The Child Palette: Be Early, or Miss Out -Everybody is Talking



We always get a kick out of peeking around social media in order to see how people are feeling; as well as saying in general about an upcoming release. Usually such comments are a good indicator in whether a product will be a massive hit, or a quiet failure. We can honestly tell y’all, that ColourPop’s new palette is about to be a makeup blockbuster!

Here are just a few of things that people are saying about this Mandalorian makeup palette:


How to Add The Child to Your Makeup Collection

So are you sold? We are! Nevertheless, if you would like to get use the force of your bank account to bring ColourPop’s The Child Palette home; here’s how.


ColourPop Cosmetics The Child Palette



Be up bright and early on October 29th to get your Mandalorian inspired palette from the ColourPop online store. Furthermore, the brand will have a dedicated promo pic right on the front page directing you where to go to get this new palette; so you will not miss it.

Don’t know the online store site? No problem. If Google fails you, just remember to head to

So shall we talk price? Let’s babies. First of all, shout out to ColourPop and Disney for not sucking every cent out of their fans; even though they know this will be a big release. We’re all also still in a pandemic, many out of work or getting by; so it’s nice to see a brand understand and reading the room.

With that being said, each The Child Palette is currently retailing for just $16! Great price, great product. Well done ColourPop… and for those buying remember… do or do not, there is no try HaHa.

More Magic Coming From The Child?

This makeup rumor, is actually true! The Child could very well go from being just a palette to a full blown collection! Imagine…  additional products all with the Mandalorian and Baby Yoda flair!



How do we know all of this? Well, our makeup loving friends back on October 27th, ColourPop slightly let the cat peer out the bag. While showcasing an influencer who had the honor of trying out The Child Palette before its release; ColourPop Cosmetics had this to say,

“If you could add more items to The Child and ColourPop Collection, what products would you want to see?”

BOOM. Market research at its finest babe. Well, now is the time to tell them what you want so that they can give it to you! We also have a few ideas ourselves.

We’d love to see a pretty green loose glitter product or green illuminating highlighter. Lip gloss or lipstick in light saber packaging! Baby Yoda eye cream … you know… so you’ll look so good like you just left the crib Lol.

Also, green diamond crystals that can be peeled and stuck on. We have some other green ideas but we are reserving those for the Tinker Bell collection we are hopefully getting once the Peter Pan live action drops. Crosses fingers.

However… all of you had some BOMB ideas too!! Uhm… light saber pencils???! Heck yeah! Read on to learn of some others!

The Child and ColourPop Collection -Fandom Ideas!

Got an idea? TELL US! We’ll add it. Until then, check these out:

“Lipsticks!!! Or eye pencils as light sabers!!”

“Lip gloss that shines like the stars in the galaxy far far away.”

“I would love to see an olive green mascara, eyeliners in like an olive green, sage green, maybe even like a gloss with tons of green shifting sparkles.”

“A blush! And some highlighters!”

“Maybe light saber themes brush sets or something having to do with their blasters maybe blush bronzer duos or lip stuff.”

“An olive mint shimmer super shock eyeshadow.”

“The Child makeup brush set! And lipstick colors!”

“A Mandalorian palette that is filled with metallics or darker shades.”

“A scrunchie with little Yoda ears.”

“Eyeliner with a cool shape (maybe a lightsaber); individual highlights with a shape/image of BB-8/ R2-D2; another palette inspired on a classic character/ two palettes (the galactic empire palette and the rebel alliance); a Chewbacca bronzer. Haha that’s all I got!!”

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