Bloom Elements Oil and Masque -Spring Hair to Full Bloom!

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Spring cleaning isn’t just for your home and wardrobe; it’s a time to start fresh with your hair and beauty products as well. Why? Well, because new seasons call for different products; because how your tresses handle things in winter is different from the elements they’ll face come spring. Luckily, Bloom Elements boasts a STRONG collection of haircare items that can not only restore vitality to your hair but actually get it to GROW healthy!



What two products should definitely be on your haircare wishlist? Start with B.E.’s amazing Hair Oil and Masque. Why these two? The answer lies in their formulation. These products have been specially developed to change the condition of your strands from root to tip AND deep within.



Bloom Elements


With that kind of nourishing your hair can’t only help but succumb to a better look and feel. Before we get into the nitty gritty of why these products are so effective as well as what’s exactly in them (yes loves, you should know what you’re putting on your precious hair). We just wanted to show you a couple examples of what Bloom Elements can really achieve!

Now the following are not fake. The results are real and were performed on real people using B.E.’s products. Ready? Leggo!

FULL BLOOM… The Results are Real


Bloom Elements 7


Alright we gathered up 4 unique examples in order to give you four different perspectives on why these products are so effective. From growth to damage you are about to witness it all.


First up, feast your eyes on this growth y’all! This was achieved after just one year of utilizing these BLOOMING restoration products. In just 12 months this queen (see pic above) went from just past her shoulders to mid-back length! WOW!



Okay, while we got you excited let’s move on to example number 2. Now don’t think for a second you’ll have to wait an entire year to see results. No ma’am. This happy customer posted a review of the results she experienced in just… now get this… TWO MONTHS! Gasp! Yes, you could be only 8 weeks away from longer, healthier hair.



Got damage from hair coloring? Honey… that is not even a problem or challenge for Bloom! The products have shown to have awesome effects on the restoration of tresses even after intense hair dying. Even after going a major color like blonde. Since any professional hairstylist will tell you becoming a blonde is a process that can be quite in-depth when lifting darker tone hair and leave hair dry if home maintenance is neglected. As shown in this example hair color damage can be resolved.


Bloom Elements


Alright, final example. What if you like to wear your hair straight? Can these products help to not only fix any hair dilemmas; but keep it healthy despite the use of heat? One word: YES. Just look at this beauty’s LONG, gorgeous hair from using B.E.’s haircare system. This photo was taken right after her hair was straightened by a flat iron and it looks as though heat was not an issue at all; especially, when it comes to having luminously healthy hair!

So there you have it. Real women, real results. Now that seeing is believing, let’s go ahead and get into those two products we mentioned at the outset!

Bloom Elements Scalp Growth Oil & Intense Restorative Treatment Masque

This duo of salon quality products has been formulated by a licensed cosmetologist that focuses on growing healthy hair! The Nourishing Scalp Growth Oil packs a powerful trio of avocado, sunflower and castor oil to boost hydration and promote hair growth. The Restorative Masque is packed with plant proteins, safflower seed and olive oils that reinforce and strengthen hair.

Yes, the CEO of this awesome brand has 17 years of haircare and styling under her belt. So your strands are in good hands! Nevertheless, here are some more helpful details on the growth oil and restorative Masque.



Product: Bloom Elements Nourishing Scalp Growth Oil

Description: Healthy growing hair starts with a healthy scalp. This deep penetrating non-greasy oil is loaded with antioxidants and Vitamins that nourishes, soothes and recivilizes follicles to stimulate hair growth. provides exceptional results for hair and scalp health.

Additional Benefits-Quick Points:

•Promote healthy hair growth
•reduces breakage and shedding
•vitamins A,B,C,and E to stregthen , Heals, and moisturize
•Sunflower and Avocado boost hydration
•Castor seed oil promotes air growth while relieving scalp dryness

Bloom Elements Products (Continued)



Product: Bloom Elements Restorative Masque

Description: Powerful Botanticals work together to restore each hair strand from scalp to the ends. Reduces Breakage. Natural oils locks in moisture to prevent future damage. Leaves hair equip to produce longer, stronger, and healthier strands.

This Intense Restorative Treatment delivers a cascade of peptides and plant protein deep down into the hair shaft to restore, reinforce and strengthen. safflower seed, olive, and avocado oils intrench the hair with moisture-rich lipids, leaving soft and smooth.

Additional Benefits- Quick Point:

•Promote healthy hair growth
•Reduces breakage
•Adds resilience and shine
•Protects and preserves salon color

Get Your Growth Oil and Masque Now!


Bloom Elements


Ready to get you some Bloom Elements products? Well, they are available for purchase right now! Head on over to to stock up.

The price? Right now you can get your hands on the Nourishing Scalp Growth Oil for just $14. Moreover, the highly beneficial Restorative Masque currently retails for $27. Happy shopping!