Black Kitchen: All the Inspiration and Tips You Need to Take the Plunge!

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Black Kitchen

If you are sick of the whole white cabinets, granite countertops, i.e. light and airy, baking cookies appeal. Then, the black kitchen may be your new, modern substitute!

In this article we are going to showcase some of the BEST black kitchen designs we have ever seen. These kitchens will certainly help you develop inspiration ideas in order to update or transform your kitchen’s current appearance. Also, we will be including the interior designers as well as companies behind each kitchen’s look. If you really like one be sure to Google that entity to see more of their awesome creations or even set something up in order to work with them. Enjoy!

Black Kitchen: All the Inspiration and Tips You Need to Take the Plunge

Black is a classic color that will always be trendy in its own fabulous way. It is a shade that denotes: strength, power, authority, elegance, prestige, mystery as well as seriousness. The black kitchen is on the rise due to its out-of-the-box projection.

Have you thought about getting into this type of design? Well, if you are a little hesitant, no worries, because the following photos may just be the kicker to changing your mind! Check them out.

Black Kitchen

Décor by Orange Coast Interior Design

Black Kitchen

Look by Décor Dhome

Black Kitchen

Décor by LL Design

Black Kitchen

Look by Loft Interior

Black Kitchen

Photography by Eric Kruk for Irwin Broadrick Design

Black Kitchen

Décor by Stephanie Fortier Design

Black KitchenBlack KitchenBlack Kitchen

Photography by Emily Bartlett for Meraki Creative Architecture

Black KitchenBlack KitchenBlack Kitchen

Look by Cellstruct Building Group

Black Kitchen

Photography by Djamal Mustafaev for Grand Interiors

Black Kitchen: All the Inspiration and Tips You Need to Take the Plunge (Continued)

So then, what are some of the things about a black kitchen that may be a con? What is something that people may not tell you until it is too late? Well, one thing to truly consider is flooring.

Now while a black tone floor can look ultra luxe and chic, the clean up aspect of it, is not. Black hue floors are some of the toughest flooring options to maintain a “clean” look. While of course, if you regularly scrub your floors they will be fresh and fab. However, what we are saying is that such floors easily show dust, dirt, etc. So then, in your quest for a spotless looking kitchen, you may drive yourself a tad bit crazy attempting to keep spotless appearance.

Nevertheless, if that small cleaning detail does not alarm you, then fire away when incorporating them into your kitchen design aesthetic. Many find that uniformity far outweighs maintenance. Plus, black on black is dramatically glam and if you choose to go that way, you will certainly make a strong visual statement.

Furthermore, being a color completely absent of visible light, some may find a black kitchen to be a little “moody.” While black does have a very professional appearance, the tone itself can feel “depressing” to some after awhile. However, if you find black does not affect you negatively in any way then you should have no issue at all embracing this dark representation.

Lastly, a person may want to consider future buyers, IF they ever plan on selling their home after such a design change. While no doubt, there is probably some who would pay top dollar for a home with a black kitchen; the fact remains is that it may not be everyone’s cup of tea. The majority of kitchen lovers still prefer a lighter tone kitchen. Therefore, just something to keep in mind while you design the kitchen of your dreams!

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