Black Hairstyles: Rihanna Brings Back Bobby Pins W Magazine Korea

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Rihanna brings back the pins for W magazine Korea

Remember when Rihanna made headlines when she performed her hit song Diamonds while wearing her hair in a wrap?

Well, we thought we would never see visible bobby pins and Rihanna in the same setting for some time, but boy were we wrong! The pins have reemerged for the March 2015 issue of W Magazine Korea, but in a little different style.

This time around only the front of RiRi’s hair received the pin treatment and the was rest was left to hang freely. Rihanna has taken black hairstyles to a whole different level and she has put it on display for the whole world to see.

We personally like the visible pin look, which has been seen during a number of runway shows and celebrity hair stylist Larry Sims created a similar look for singer Dawn Richards. Nevertheless, whether this look could translate into everyday life without looking too messy or unkempt is the real issue.

For now we say leave this look for editorial shoots or occasions you want to really make a strong style statement.

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