Beauty Blender Glow All Night Flawless Face Kit-All Day Gorgeousness!

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Beauty Blender Glow All Night

We’re just going to be real… when this kit first came out we passed. Didn’t really see the big deal so to speak. However, then the Beauty Blender Glow All Night kit sold OUT. Gone faster than Ariana Grande could say, “Thank you next!”

So then, we did more homework and found this kit to be a bonafide must-have. You see, applying makeup is one thing; getting it to stay put for hours on in is an art in itself. However, the Glow All Night kit is specially designed to not only give you picture perfect looking skin; but, help you maintain that look till the cows come home.

Beauty Blender Glow All Night Flawless Face Kit-All Day Gorgeousness

Beauty Blender Glow All Night

Alright, so how does this whole kit work? Well, it is very simple and straight forward. It is made up of just 3 products that can help you do the most. In regards to Glow All Night, Beauty Blender reveals,

“An essential collection to prevent four o’ clock face from ever happening again. This set includes an original beautyblender for initial foundation application. A setting mist to hydrate and refresh; and a dual sided powder puff to help bake and touch up makeup.

Beauty Blender Glow All Night

Perfect for stashing at the desk or in your purse. This super squad makes sure skin looks flawless all day and all night long. Whether you’re combatting winter dryness; going from desk to drinks or party hopping through the night. Glow All Night has you covered so you look done up all the time.

From AM to PM. Our Glow All Night Kit is back in stock. Dew whatcha gotta dew; but we highly suggest snagging this Limited Edition kit before it’s gone.”

Ready to look amazing around the clock? Get your kit at SEPHORA right now. Each kit retails for $35.

Beauty Blender Glow All Night

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