Beauty Insider: Be Matchy-Matchy

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beauty insider be matchy matchy

Makeup and your ensemble should be like peas and carrots…they should complement each other, not compete with each other. Therefore, how does the matchy-matchy beauty look work? Whatever your OOTD (outfit of the day) is you simply wear colors that are exact matches or come very close. Choose a color from your outfit then utilize it on your lips or maybe to play up your eyes.

What if you are wearing a piece that is multi-colored or has a print? Does this mean it is time to become one with the Care Bears rainbow? Makeup should always be fun, but a more streamlined look will truly work best. Choose one of the colors that are not as pronounced and draw it out with your makeup for a dramatic effect.

Over the years the match makeup look has been seen during runway shows for fashion houses such as Fendi and by style-riskers Rihanna and Kerry Washington. Here are a few more celebrity looks to help get you in the match making mood.

(Above: Rihanna Goes Red on Red)

beauty insider be matchy matchy2

Kerry Washington is Pretty in Pink

beauty insider be matchy matchy4

Rihanna is up to bat again, but notice that her orange lip is not exact, its a darker shade of orange but still complements

beauty insider be matchy matchy5

Tyra Banks plays up her eyes with a smoky eyeshadow that matches her dark ensemble

beauty insider be matchy matchy3

Beyonce is royal in blue