Ask and Tell: Balmain Lace-Up V-Neck Midi Dress Seen on Nicki Minaj!

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Balmain Lace-Up V-Neck Midi Dress


The Item: Hip hop mogul and superstar, Nicki Minaj, rocking the heck out of the Balmain Lace-Up V-Neck Midi Dress. Minaj was spotted in her fashionable LBD (little black dress) in promotional photos for her Queen Radio show.

You Asked: Hey 1966! Omg I absolutely love your page! You are one of my favorite fashion pages, so glad I found you. Now you didn’t post it, but I’m wondering if you know what dress Nicki Minaj has on with 50 Cent? It is for her radio show. If you could let me know I would love you forever!

Ask and Tell: Balmain Lace-Up V-Neck Midi Dress Seen on Nicki Minaj


Balmain Lace-Up V-Neck Midi Dress


The Verdict: Thank you for the DM and we are so happy that you love our IG page! Furthermore, we too are BIG fans of Nicki’s black dress and we have all the styling details that you crave!

Ready? Nicki is wearing a sultry design by luxury fashion house, Balmain. More specifically, and if you are searching for this look online, it is known as the Lace-Up V-Neck Midi Dress.



The cost? Right now this chic dress is a little bit of a splurge. Currently, most retailers are selling this sexy design at a price point of $1, 895.

Lastly, uhm… girl did you see those boots Nicki also had on?? Well, many online were not able to peep them, because they were oftentimes cropped out. However, if you are wondering they are Versace. And they currently cost $2, 475.



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