Axel Arigato x Samsung -Tech Meets Fashion With Help of Teyana Taylor!

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Axel Arigato x Samsung

This is what happens when a fashion label and tech giant have a baby. In a collaboration truly for the ages, the Axel Arigato x Samsung capsule is the ultimate lesson is transparency. Literally and figuratively. Read on to see our exclusive sneak peek.

Axel Arigato x Samsung -Tech Meets Fashion With Help of Teyana Taylor

Axel Arigato x Samsung

You probably can see right through this ad campaign (wink, wink). Thus far, early previews of the type of couture to expect from the Axel Arigato x Samsung mix up is leaving little to the imagination. In the campaign singer and entertainer, Teyana Taylor, poses in plastic couture reminiscent of the decade that was the 90s. Remember transparent bags and Diddy as well as Ma$e dancing in plastic joggers (if not; Google it’s fab)? Well, that is coming back with fervor yet with a bit of a modern twist.

Axel Arigato x Samsung Axel Arigato x Samsung

Teyana’s full body ensemble incorporates a stylish, yet revealing pant and hoodie. The Swedish brand informs that more looks are definitely on the way; and couture lovers can expect the full collection to roll out in three phases.

The collection will first be available to the edgy, fashion conscious in London beginning on September 7th. Next up, the good people of Stockholm will get their shot at the line on September 14th. Lastly, all the rest of us mortals will finally be able to see and get our hands on pieces and garments from the capsule starting on September 17th. Axel Arigato says that on the 17th the entire collection will be online. Sweet.

Axel Arigato x Samsung

Axel Arigato x Samsung -Tech Meets Fashion With Help of Teyana Taylor (Continued)

This team up as well as the resulting fashions are quite fitting. Why so? Well, for over a year now Samsung’s growing infamous tagline is, “Do What You Can’t.” Roving around the streets in see through clothing certainly fits that bill.

Furthermore, the collaboration between Samsung and Axel Arigato is aptly entitled, I Can See Clearly Now. A nice play off every smartphone owner’s dream of being able to hear, see and talk to anyone with their phone without interruption.

Axel Arigato x Samsung

Already, tech fans are wondering if this collab also means amazing clear accessories or even a clear phone design. As epic as that sounds we will all just have to keep our eyes peeled when the capsule officially drops. Nonetheless, by the looks of things it is definitely going to be, wait for it… legendary.

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Axel Arigato x Samsung

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