Are You Grossing People Out At The Gym With These Bad Habits

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The gym is a shared environment; therefore, you must remember to be considerate of time limits on equipment, not wiping your sweat off the equipment when you are done, or not putting equipment back after use.

  1. Don’t be a chatterbox. People come to the gym to exercise, not to hear your life story. Sure you can greet other regulars, but there are few things more irritating than being on the treadmill, and having to listen to non-stop chatter from the next machine.
  2. No one has a reservation. You cannot “reserve” equipment by placing your towel, book or iPod on it, while you finish chatting up your neighbor or, even worse, talking loudly on your cell phone.
  3. Don’t be a water hog. Don’t hog the water fountain, especially during peak hours. Also, don’t wash your face at the water fountain or fill your water bottle when thirsty people are behind you.