Adidas x Ivy Park Trailer Teasing Beyonce's New Sportswear Drop!

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Adidas x Ivy Park Trailer


Beyoncé the Queen of the Beyhive; as well as sneaky promo! In the wee hours of the morning Bey hit her fans with an ALL NEW Adidas x Ivy Park Trailer teaser featuring her athleisure collab between Adidas; and her Ivy Park brand.

The visuals? Honey… out this world! There’s bodies flying and crowd surfing it in Bey gear, with Mrs. Carter herself doing serious acrobatic stunts with enough wind to fuel a tornado.

So basically, DRAMA. Beyoncé knew if the reemergence of her sporty brand was to garner more eyes and success this round; she needed to bring it. And that she did. Have you seen it yet?

Adidas x Ivy Park Trailer Teasing Beyonce’s New Sportswear Drop


Adidas x Ivy Park Trailer


Don’t worry we are not going to torture you. Below we have the Adidas x Ivy Park trailer for your viewing pleasure in its entirety. Watch and be thrilled.

So what did you think? Feel free to come share your thoughts on our IG and Twitter page whenever you want. We love to chat (LOL). But anyway, this teaser is pretty dope. It sticks to Beyonce’s heritage (Lousiana flavor) and her high-end urban flair.

There are so many great looks in the trailer it is hard to pick the best of faves. However, we still tried it anyway. Here’s a few pieces that made our fashion mouths drop wide open. YES QUEEN!


Adidas x Ivy Park Trailer




Adidas x Ivy Park Trailer

Nevertheless, what we always love about these kinds of things is that the Internet is never defeated. People’s reactions are always worth a read, and can be quite telling at times if a launch is going to be successful or not.

Therefore, what are people saying about the Ivy Park x Adidas teaser? Read on!

“Let me get my coins ready!!!!”

“What’s the biggest size these sneakers come in.”

“Take all of my money.”

“Now I gotta go do physically active stuff because Beyoncé told me to.”

“Can’t wait to buy all this stuff in my mind.”

“I’m buying the whole line.”


“Cinematography on a bean.”



“On this day, Beyoncé creates Adidas.”

“Ayeeeee Bey!! You can kindly send me money to spend on this here.”

We have heard you actually talk in a year!!!! Lol.”

“I can’t wait.”

“This is for us by us.”

“Go off Ebonee Davis.”

“I’m tryna get my life together with my money then here she comes lol.”



“Your fav could NEVA.”

“FIRE! And hey to the good sis Ebonee Davis.”

“I cannoh.”

“Y’all hear that new music thought?????”

“This the superhero movie I need.”



“We love a Queen who upload her own videos.”

“Just one piece of this collection and my life would be complete.”

“Beyoncé, first of her name, breaker of chains, perpetual foot on my neck empress; duchess of my coins, ruler of my life!”


Adidas x Ivy Park Trailer


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