5 Ways to Get Great hair Despite The Humidity

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5 Ways to Get Great hair Despite The Humidity. Yes it is possible. Sometimes it feels like a battle you can’t win but with the right products and no how you can have great hair no matter what. Check out these 5 ways to have great hair now despite that thick humidity in the air.5 Ways to Get Great hair Despite The Humidity

  1. Embrace your texture. So Go Big Or Go Home. It’s important not to work too hard against your hair’s natural texture it’s best sometimes to let it go wild and carefree.  Try coating your hair before going out with a hair tamer spray like Motion Lotion, which still enhances the curls
  2. Pull your hair up into a high ponytail or topknot and use an edge control to keep any fly-away’s at bay.
  3. Always keep a headband, stylish scarf or hair tie with you with these hair accessories you will be able to calm down unwanted volume that still might occur throughout the day.
  4. Braid up your hair. By creating two french braids you will be able to make sure nothing can destroy your look. Plus it’s very fashionable this season for summer 2016.
  5. If you use hot tools like your blow dryer, curling iron, and flat iron use ones that are ionic. “This technology compresses the hair cuticle so it creates a smoother, glass-like surface to your hair.”