2 Ways to Get Rid of Clumpy Mascara

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This week we are blogging about mascara in order to help you apply like a pro! Some of our Beauty Quickies this week have touched on how to add volume or length to your lashes. Today, we want to share a few tricks to say goodbye to clumpy mascara forever.

Tip #1

Keep clumps at bay by sweeping a new, clean wand through lashes while they are wet. How can a new wand be used when the product only came with one? Buy some wands online or hit up your local Sephora that are sure to carry them. Keep in mind though at Sephora, beauty consultants will know them as “spoolies.”

Tip #2

Remove any excess mascara formula from the wand before application by wiping the wand on a tissue first. Yes, clumps can also be removed by combing through lashes with a lash comb. Nevertheless, if you are not a fan of using combs this tip will help you achieve the same outcome.

2 Ways to Get Rid of Clumpy Mascara2