Spring Clean Hair Products Routine

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spring clean your hair routine

Clean up your act or your hair could suffer the consequences. It is almost a catch 22, we need products to help our hair look amazing yet those same products could also cause issues. Therefore, what can be done to ensure our hair routines stay on the positive end of things?

First, step is to take a quick look-see into the ingredients of your main hair products to see what’s really in them. Without you knowing it or being aware many styling products such as serums can contain silicon. Silicon products that are used in succession and often can cause build up on the hair that will need regular cleansing in order to remove. So then, whenever possible it is best to leave off from using styling products in order to give your hair a rest.

Moreover, like the seasons change your products should also change out from time to time. Sometimes hair can become used to a product resulting in that same product not being as effective. Therefore, it is strongly recommended to change shampoos occasionally to prevent such from occurring.

Bonus Tip: Many women and men included enjoy using moisture rich shampoos because of it’s nice thick lather. However, such a product is known to cause build up; so then, it is best to make the switch to milder PH balanced shampoos.

spring clean your hair routine2

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