Simone Biles is First Gymnast to Land Double-Double Dismount ... EVER! (Watch It)

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Simone Biles is First Gymnast to Land Double Double Dismount

Put some gymnastics respect on her name! Simone Biles continues to up the bar (or shall we say beam, wink); and prove why she is truly the “G.O.A.T” in competition history! Even with tons of Olympic gold hardware under her belt; Simone seems to be only getting BETTER. Therefore, what is her newest and latest milestone? Simone Biles is First Gymnast to Land Double-Double Dismount … EVER!

Simone Biles is First Gymnast to Land Double-Double Dismount

She didn’t just land it. You guys, she smashed it! In a display of sheer power, elegance and fluidity; Biles seamlessly stuck the first double double dismount in gymnastics history off the balance beam with ease.

This type of dismount is no small potatoes either. It sounds and is as technical as it’s very name. This new Simone double-double landing involves twists as well as somersaults. When dismounting, a gymnast has to complete two twists and two somersaults all before connecting with the ground in order to get it right. And oh yeah… not hop all around or fall over so that you don’t stick the landing!

In her performance, this past Friday at the 2019 U.S. Gymnastics Championships; Biles made it look like she was just walking through the park. NBC Sports caught all the sweet action and tweeted out not just the now historic dismount; but Simone’s entire performance. It’s intense! However, check it out below; because if you live for sports and gymnastics greatness, it is definitely one you are going to want to see!

Simone Biles is First Gymnast to Land Double-Double Dismount – The Motivation

Amazing right?! Simone is certainly in a class of her very own. Nonetheless, never heard of a double-double dismount on the beam before now? Well, it’s because no one else is out there trying to do it. Biles is the type of competitor and gymnastics pioneer who doesn’t like to rest on her laurels.

Biles to us, reminds us of the great snowboarding king, Shaun White. White is arguably the best to ever do it; standing tall with the most X Games wins and Olympic gold medals for a snowboarder and 10 ESPY Awards (BOOM lol). Yeah, he completely revolutionized his sport as well; AND even after becoming an Olympic gold medal winner (like Biles); STILL wanted to do cooler, bigger and riskier moves down the half pipe.

And he did it. Back in the good winter of 2018. Shaun put down one of the most scariest, insane tricks ever. The boy took it to the edge, walked the fine line and went home with the big “W”… again. When it all was said and done; you realized White did it because of his INTENSE love of the sport; as well as his major determination to get back and be at the top.

Simone is the same type of amazing, mentally strong, go-getter athlete. She loves, enjoys and lavishes in the chance to be able to not only push her sport; but HERSELF forward. In a recent interview, Biles states that she aims to be the very best. Sloppiness as well as a mistake here and there is not what she likes to tolerate.

As a result, being the absolute best in her mind and realm; means giving a perfect performance each and every time. In statement regarding such results Bile says,

“As soon as I fell on floor, I was like, ‘That’s it. I’m scratching the meet. I’m walking off the floor. But I’m happy with the way I ended the meet.

“I feel like I compete for perfection… whenever I don’t do that, it really irritates me.”

Why She’s The GOAT Baby!

Nevertheless, it’s that kind of thought process and work ethic that makes Simone Biles unbeatable. The girl has no quit. Being the best to her is not getting out there and playing it safe. She goes out there with confidence and a big bag of awesome kick butt tricks.

Don’t believe us? Well, believe her resume. In America’s history, Biles is one of the most decorated champions the sport has ever seen. According to Wikipedia Biles,

“Having won a combined total of twenty-five Olympic and World Championship medals, Biles is the most decorated American gymnast. Biles became the sixth woman to win an individual all-around title at both the World Championships and the Olympic Games.”

You simply don’t win that much without being daring and brave. Moreover, while we all certainly marvel over Simone’s nail-biting double-double dismount. That isn’t the only historic move Simone decided to try.

This national championships, Biles became the first woman to attempt a triple-double — which is two flips and three twists in the air — in competition during the floor exercise. Unfortunately, Simone couldn’t quite get it there, but it was close! The gymnast just missed the landing, falling forward. However, the fact that this 4’4 powerhouse came to compete with not just one; but TWO unseen moves is still a testament to her level of greatness.

The Great Says She’s the Greatest

Furthermore, Simone Biles is also making fans out the greats themselves. For instance, start with “America’s Sweetheart,” Mary Lou Retton.

Mary Lou, is the 1984 women’s gymnastics champion nicknamed “America’s Sweetheart” after she became the first U.S. woman to win the individual all-around Olympic gold medal. When talks and debates of best gymnasts begin; she is often considered the greatest American gymnast of all time. However, interestingly she says Simone Biles is better.

In an interview with People magazine, Mary Lou got quite candid about how gymnastics has evolved since her era; as well as why Simone is top dog. Retton states,

“I say it over and over again. She is the greatest gymnast ever, I really do think that.

We have a running joke that she’s so strong she should have to compete with the men. She’s that strong.

[Simone’s] a special athlete, very unique with a God-given talent that you don’t teach. Her coach, Aimee, is great in improving upon that, but it’s something that she was born with. She’s just the best gymnast I’ve ever seen in my life and I think a lot of us as athletes and even Olympic champions say the same thing.

Back in my generation, it was slender, pixie, little gymnasts with the pony tails and bows; and in walked me in Los Angeles with short hair and this big athletic body with thunder thighs. That’s what they used to call me – and the sport had never seen anybody like me. Fast forward to now… and the women look like I did. You have to be strong since the sport has evolved. It’s so exciting to watch.

[Furthermore] It’s so difficult. I say to myself every four years, ‘This is it, we’re at the limit. We can’t do anything more difficult.’ And then walks in Simone Biles and she just blows your mind.”

Simone Biles, a Beautiful Legacy

Same. Retton we all feel the exact same. Biles’ dynamic performances are always entertaining, heart-pounding and dare we say, down right iconic. When you watch her, you know you are watching history.

When comes to this year’s championships we may just hear a little more “her-story” in just a few hours. This is because Simone Biles is currently leading at the two-day competition. Biles is the favorite and is expected to win her sixth US title on Sunday. According to CNN, this will be no ordinary feat. No woman has won 6 titles since Clara Schroth Lomady in 1952. So keep an eye on those gymnastics history books one more time!

To sum all of this up we are reminded of a Nike ad campaign starring Simone Biles. In the ad you see her flying gracefully through the air in one of her signature; gravity defying moves. The caption? It reads, “Do things history could only dream of.” Mission accomplished Simone, and congrats.

Simone Biles is First Gymnast to Land Double Double Dismount