Pantone's 2016 Colors Of The Year

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Pantone's 2016 Colors Of The Year2

No ladies, your eyes did not fail you as you perused the title of this post. History has been made when it comes to next year’s selection of shades to envy and place on trend. As any beauty maven or fashionista knows normally one shade is chosen but next year two shall reign supreme.

Therefore, what are the two tints that we need to go out and grab? Pantone has selected Serenity which is a pretty, ethereal light blue as well as Rose Quartz which is a delicate light pink. We foresee both colors being a major hit during spring when fresh color is often much appreciated and considered en vogue.

Here is a closer look at the two shades courtesy of Pantone:

Pantone's 2016 Colors Of The Year

The color of palette of the two tints are extremely complimentary of each other. Nevertheless, here is why the pair of colors were chosen out of the entire spectrum:

Pantone's 2016 Colors Of The Year3 Pantone's 2016 Colors Of The Year4

Although not outrageously bold both colors can still take a style up a few notches. These colors work for day or night and can be versatile for dressing up or down. With such ease ensembles for 2016 will be a cinch.

Pantone's 2016 Colors Of The Year5

Rose Quartz 

Pantone's 2016 Colors Of The Year6


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