NYX Cosmetics Marshmellow Smoothing Primer- Smooth and Blur Skin to Perfection!

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NYX Cosmetics Marshmellow Smoothing Primer

So… you have a makeup primer that can help give your makeup look a great foundation and help your makeup stay in place? Oh Honey… that is so 2015! Welcome to the new age of makeup primers that not only help with application but does SO much more! NYX Cosmetics Marshmellow Smoothing Primer can benefit you in 10 different ways.


NYX Cosmetics Marshmellow Smoothing Primer

Yes, the Makeup rumors are all true; this primer can do plenty not only for your overall makeup look; but your skin’s condition in general. Just as a quick overview, here is some of the Beauty Tea on this makeup release! NYX says that it:

  • Smoothes
  • Softens
  • Extends Makeup 
  • Hydrates
  • Soothes
  • Evens Tone
  • Minimizes Texture 
  • Blurs Lines
  • Creates Soft Focus Finish 
  • Keeps Makeup Looking Fresh

Amazing right? PLUS… you can see the magic happen fast as soon as you start applying this product. Nevertheless, don’t just take our word for it. We already know seeing is believing; which is why we invite you to check out the “stills” below.

These pics not only demonstrate how to correctly utilize Marshmallow Smoothing Primer by NYX; but they are unfiltered! So you will really be able to see what kind of job this makeup product does IRL.


NYX Cosmetics Marshmellow Smoothing Primer- Smooth and Blur Skin to Perfection!


Now as mentioned above this primer sticks out from the makeup pack for TEN big reasons. Nevertheless, the real question is HOW? What’s in the formula of this product that allows it to perform so well?

Well, we went to NYX in order to find out! Regarding its spanking new primer NYX Cosmetics reveals,

“NEW DROP ALERT! Introducing our Marshmallow Smoothing Primer! This vegan formula primer is infused with smoothing marshmallow root extract that includes 10 makeup extending benefits!

It’s the marshmallow effect! Marshmallow Smoothing Primer is an 10-in-1 super primer with a soft whipped texture; dries down totally transparent to work on all skin tones. She’s vegan and silicone free.

PRO TIP: Use our Marshmallow Blender Sponge to blend for the smoothest application.”

The Final Details to Know


So are you ready for this awesome makeup drop from NYX?! We are beyond excited for it and can’t wait to add it to our makeup bags. Would you like to add it to your collection too?

Well, you can beginning on December 12th. However, if you head online now to the NYX website, the brand is already accepting pre-orders for this launch! Woo!

Therefore, don’t miss out on this new effective primer. Shall we talk price? Let’s darlings. Currently, each primer will retail for just $17.

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