Makeup Counter- How to Survive the Germiest Cosmetics...and Customers

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Makeup Counter

You don’t have to give the makeup counter at the mall the whole it’s not you, it’s me routine. The truth is out there, germs are all over the place. Yes, it’s gross to think about, but if you love your face you will take heed so that you can continue to enjoy your shopping experience.

Makeup Counter- How to Survive the Germiest Cosmetics…and Customers

Why are things so germy in the first place? Great question and it should be noted that makeup artists working at these establishments do clean. The issue begins with consumers. Not everyone uses the provided utensils to sample products and simply some are the type that do not cleanse their hands after using the restroom. All of this adds up to the spread of bacteria.

So then, what product should you definitely be watching out for? The beauty product most susceptible to contamination at the makeup counter is lip gloss. Whatever you do never apply a tester to your lips. Once a product has been utilized it is contaminated. How?

A product does not require direct contact with a person in order to be vulnerable to bacteria. That is why after a product has been used by one person, even if the following customers sample it with separate wands they could still possibly be exposed to bacteria. Ewwwww.

Makeup Counter

Makeup Counter- How to Survive

Now this article is not written to scare you away from purchasing or sampling products at the mall for the rest of your life. The fact is the makeup counter is very useful when it comes to testing. Various products can be quite expensive so its great to take them for a test drive so to speak before breaking out the credit card.

Moreover, let’s face it, makeup products are also not an one product fits all. What looked amazing on the model in the ad who seemed to resemble our skin tone, may not look so fantastic on us. Therefore, it is best to see a new product up close and personal.

To protect yourself from germs always use the tools provided for sanitation. The wands, swabs and sprays are not there for decoration, use them. Also, test products on your hands and forearms. Many counter professionals recommend placing product on your fingertips and holding them up to your face. Furthermore, consider shopping in the morning. When a store is first opened that is when everything is the most clean and has been sterilized for the next business day. Going early is a great way to beat crowds and that day’s next round of introduced germs.

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Makeup Counter

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