Just Relax

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During the summer months many are stressed in planning their summer holiday trips, figuring out what to do with the kids during summer vacation, or stressing over those 10 pounds they were supposed to lose to be bikini worthy. Yet stress can wreak havoc on your skin so it is important that you take time to relax. Take a warm bath or just talk with a friend. A class such as Pilates especially in my case is a great stress reliever. If you take the time to relax and relieve your stress, your skin will thank you.

When you get stressed out, your body produces higher levels of a stress hormone called cortisol, which leads to an increase in your body’s production of oil. Too much oil equals acne, even in people who don’t usually break out. Stress can also dehydrate your skin and interfere with its ability to repair itself when it’s damaged. However, don’t be in despair about your breakout there are many things you can do to get rid of the anxiety that’s wreaking havoc on your skin. Here are some practical ways to reduce overall stress and help your skin at the same time:

  • Exercise — Working out releases endorphins, which can help to banish all that anxiety.
  • Moisturize — Since stress can dehydrate your skin, using moisturizer regularly is like giving your skin a much-needed drink.
  • Get enough rest — Not only does a good night’s sleep give your worried mind a break, it also allows your skin time to rest and repair.
  • Relax — Deep breathing is great and can be an effective relaxation technique.
  • See a dermatologist — If you continue to be plagued by skin problems that cause you worry and stress, seeing a dermatologist might help you take a load off. I had to go to the dermatologist and within a few weeks it was all cleared up.

When it comes to your skin, worry can do more harm than you might realize. So relax chill out and your skin will take care of the rest.