How to Grow Eyebrows Back In

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Unfortunately, there is no such group known as Tweezer Anonymous, so then help must come from another source. If you have tweezed your brows so much that you are one step away from having to pluck your very last hair it’s okay just to put the tweezers down. The best way to grow back eyebrow hair is to stop tweezing them every time you see a stray hair.

Eyebrow tweezing should be done every two weeks to maintain the shape of your brows. Also, investing in some castor oil would be very beneficial. Putting castor oil on your brows will help to grow hair.

Moreover, while you wait for your eyebrows to grow back there are a few makeup tips that you can utilize to give the illusion of fuller brows. First you can color in your brows by drawing around them and filling them in with brow wax. Or if that doesn’t fancy you try filling in brows with an eye shadow a shade or two lighter than your brow hair.