How to Comb Wet Natural Hair

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How to comb wet natural hair-teyana taylor

Combing your hair correctly can save you a lot of pain and from breaking or snapping strands of your hair unnecessarily. First things first, you are the realest (sorry couldn’t help it LOL); secondly, keep in mind that combing wet strands has to be done systematically. Meaning you will need to comb hair in sections and in a manner that will lean more towards being gentle. As you work through sections start at the ends and work your way through to the roots.

What type of comb you use is also very important in the untangling process. Make sure that you use a comb that has wide teeth that are softly rounded. Such a comb will allow hair to pass through easier preventing more knots from being formed. Help your comb by also using your fingers to untangle tougher strands of hair that have become entwined. Lastly, using a detangler product or applying a leave-in conditioner will also help the comb slide with greater ease through your tresses.

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