Heads Up... Quick Mascara Tip- It's All In the Tilt Baby!

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Beauty Quickie: Mascara can do AMAZING things to your makeup look; if applied right. Moreover, there are some cool, nifty little tricks as wel as hacks you can do in order to make your lashes and eyes REALLY pop. Today we are going to share one of these beauty gems with you. Read on in order to learn a simple and quick mascara tip that may change your lash enhancing techniques forever.

Heads Up… Quick Mascara Tip- It’s All In the Tilt Baby

With this tip approach things like you would hanging something on the wall. Depending on how you want things to look, YOU HAVE TO position things in the right way. Same thing with mascara everyone. Your head position is major key. Here are 3 ways to do it:

#1 When applying mascara you should aim to keep your head up; but with a slight tilt backwards. Lowering your chin will cause the mascara to go all over your lid and that’s a look all of us wish to avoid.

#2 Once again tilt your head backwards; yet this time widen your eyes. The extra space created will really allow you to push mascara into your lashes and coat them well. Plus, once again the tilt position will cut down on getting mascara everywhere.

#3 Lastly, yet again tilt your head back; but this time look down while you apply a light coat of mascara. Once finished move to the opposite eye and utilize the same technique. Go back in forth between eyes for a few layers until you achieve the desired look. The finish should be a nice natural, yet lengthy and voluminous pair of lashes.


heads up quick mascara tip


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Quick Mascara Tip