Heal Your Hair! Why Use Obsessed Hair Oil

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Hair Oil

Hey there hair lovers! As the Editor of 1966 Magazine I am constantly bombarded with new, amazing products to try. In recent times there has been a little bit of backlash when it comes to product reviews and opinions. Much of the dismay has been caused by social media which has every famous face promising that the fountain of youth involves teas, waist trainers, teeth whitening kits and other products that have actually turned out to be ineffective. However, I have personally used Obsessed Hair Oil for months and I can absolutely confirm that the results are real and will help heal your hair!

Heal Your Hair! Sherry’s Life Obsessed Hair Oil

In order to help you appreciate the importance of hair oil when it comes to your haircare regimen; I would like to share just a few of the numerous benefits. The right hair oil can:

•Stimulate hair growth.

•Add shine and luxurious luster to strands.

•Penetrate deep inside follicles in order to strengthen and condition.

•Help tresses to become softer.

•Fight against one of the biggest hair enemies: breakage.

•Aid in the prevention of split ends.

Nevertheless, did you notice that I said you would need the “right hair oil?” Go to any beauty supply store and you will easily spot a plethora of hair oils on the shelves. Yet, many of those available are NOT all natural and are filled with several other chemicals that are completely unnecessary.

To prove it, next time pick up one of these products and flip it over. Review the ingredients list and notice that the actual advertised hair oil is way down towards the bottom. Why so far down on the list? If this hair oil is supposed to be this oil, then what’s with all this other junk? Makes you wonder what you have been putting on your hair huh?

Now I’m not saying every last oil on the market does this. However, you may be shocked at how many do.

Obsessed Hair Oil – My Experience

Hair Oil

For me summertime is everything! The sun is out, beaches are packed, there’s outdoor concerts and don’t even get me started on all the pool parties. However, I normally also have one glaring hair problem to contend with as well. Dandruff.

Like the WORST thing you can have show up  when you’re among crowds. No, that’s not salt from my hot dog or saved snow from my freezer to keep me cool. It’s ugly, horrible flakes on my scalp.

Since I was a little girl, come “fun in the sun” time my hair and scalp would resemble the Sahara. I don’t know why, it just always does. Over the years I found a good hair oil is almost as good as having Cinderella’s godmother’s wand.

Nevertheless, that’s where Obsessed Hair Oil comes into the picture. Like a knight in shining armor it swooped in and battled with my foe. For days I watched on as my captor slowly lost strength and its grip upon my soul (Can you tell I was born to be a writer? Wink, wink).

Obsessed Hair Oil – Why It Worked

Hair Oil

Let me just cut to the chase. It worked wonders due to the amazing combination of oils utilized. For instance, Obsessed Hair Oil contains peppermint oil. This particular oil has been proven to help with improving the condition of dryness. Did it? Oh yes, my friends it did!

Not only did my own hair in general become softer, all traces of dandruff completely vanished. Moreover, it has not returned. Obsessed Hair Oil also contains JoJoba Oil and Rosemary Oil. Together these oils produce a specially formulated, supercharged hair oil that effectively conditions hair from the inside,  out.

My hair is healthier, like I can literally see and feel the difference. Furthermore, it’s grown an inch in just about a month and a half. I realize everyone’s growth is Give it a try. Obsessed Hair Oil retails for $18.50. In a future post I promise to give you another update on my hair journey!

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