How to Get Rid of Zits in No Time Flat

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Pop that thang girl! Okay, actually in this instance that is very bad advice. When it comes to pimples save all the popping action for the dance floor with your squad. In this post we are going to teach you how to get rid of zits fast in two different ways. Nevertheless, both methods or closely related so you will get a lot of bang for your buck without wasting any time.

How to Get Rid of Zits in No Time Flat

Would you love to get rid of zits while masking them from the world at the same time? Well, dolls you can. In order to accomplish this you need a couple of things. Concealer and a concealer brush.

Now we know you may be thinking, “Why use a brush, my fingers work just fine?” Yes, your fingers are probably very nifty at creating some bomb beat face results. However, concealer brushes work better because their tapered bristles are able to get into every crevice of a blemish. Your bigger fingers cannot not accomplish that.

Furthermore, when getting rid of acne aim for a concealer that contains salicylic acid. Salicylic acid is a zit zapping powerhouse! A concealer of this nature will allow you to cover the little bugger up while also simultaneously working to get rid of it.

Many choose to use two products instead of using just a spot concealer product. However, utilizing cover-up and zip cream will not adhere to the skin very well. Therefore, it is best to use a concealer that does it all in one formula. Once you apply a concealer containing salicylic acid with a concealer brush just set everything with a powder that matches your skin tone.

Application Tip: Use short, quick strokes/motions when covering up zits for a more flawless, natural looking finish.

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