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Hall of fame game 2014

The NFL Hall of Fame Induction took place this past Saturday and we would like to congratulate all the inductees, particularly, Derrick Brooks and Ray Guy. For Ray Guy, it’s about darn time since he was only the greatest punter ever; we have no idea why he was snubbed for so long. Derrick Brooks was simply a great defensive player who put his heart and soul into the game but still came across as one of the nicest guys off the field.

derrick brooks HOF 2014Regarding the Hall of Fame game played on Sunday between the New York Giants and the Buffalo Bills, it actually wasn’t too bad as far as preseason games go. There were long bombs, tough runs and hard hits. It’s too early to tell if either of these teams will be able to improve upon their less than stellar performances last season, but it certainly looked as if guys were trying hard to earn a coveted roster spot on their respective teams.

Lots of people poo-poo the preseason and refuse to watch the games; however, since we are die-hard NFL fans we will be tuning in each week to the preseason games and sharing any thoughts we might have about them. It may just be the preseason, but it’s still football and we’re glad to have it back. The NFL network will be airing the games starting on Thursday this week, so tune in and get yourself primed for the regular season. Even if you don’t find the games all that exciting, you could have some fun pretending to be the head coach and deciding who makes the roster and who doesn’t.

Whether you watch them or not, the preseason games let us know that the 2014 regular season is just around the corner and in the words of Bart Scott, we “can’t wait”!