Five Things To Try With Fall Lingerie

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Five Things To Try With Fall Lingerie

I’m not usually particularly big on buying into seasonal styles related to lingerie. The way I see it, trends are for what’s on top, and what’s underneath should instead reflect your own decisions regarding what’s most comfortable, interesting, and/or flattering. However, with a lot of intriguing lingerie ideas and collections making the rounds as we head into fall, I’m making an exception this year. Here are some fall lingerie ideas to consider.

Five Things To Try With Fall Lingerie2

1 – Try A One-Piece

Yes, that term calls to mind a vintage bathing suit collection (though in truth the one-piece bikini is back in style these days), but I’m intentionally using it with regard to undergarments and bedroom attire. I suppose the correct term as it relates to lingerie would be “bodysuit.” Either way, this is something that’s being featured in a lot of collections and fashion write-ups at the moment, and it’s a trend that I’ve never given much consideration to in the past. The uniformity of these pieces is just an appealing counter to increasingly frilly, varied options, and I like the emphasis that they put on the body, rather than the garment.

Five Things To Try With Fall Lingerie4

2 – Break Out The Blues

I don’t need to go too far in-depth on this idea, because it speaks for itself. Maybe it’s just my imagination, but it certainly seems as if blue has suddenly become very chic in the lingerie world—in bras, panties, robes, chemises, and whatever else you can imagine. We all have our favorite shades and unique coloring to work with, but variety is always good, so it’s nice to see blue finally being emphasized.

Five Things To Try With Fall Lingerie5

3 – Ditch Your Thongs

One of the most fascinating topics in fashion throughout this year has been the sudden realization that women prefer granny panties to thongs—at least according to some. I think this discussion has been overblown a little bit, because no one I know is completely writing off thongs. Furthermore, I’m not quite prepared to stock my whole underwear drawer (er, drawers) with granny panties, at least if that’s what we’re calling them. But ditching some thongs and letting go of the idea that skimpy, often-uncomfortable garments are sexy can be very freeing. It’s something you can almost stop consciously thinking about over time, but I for one am looking to emphasize comfort more these days.

African model posing in white lingerie.

4 – Support Yourself

Of all the bra styles that could start popping up in fashionable collections to eclipse more traditional lace and push-up offerings, I didn’t see this one coming: sports bras (or at least bras that mimic the structure and appearance of activewear) seem to be everywhere this fall. It might sound a little bland at first, but the more you look, the more variety you’ll find within this style. Even in an extensive, varied collection of trendy lingerie that highlights garments from a variety of different competing designers, you’ll notice a number of chic, appealing, supportive, and sexy sports bra-inspired pieces.

Five Things To Try With Fall Lingerie6

5 – Forget Fall Colors

I suppose this walks hand-in-hand with my highlighting the popularity of blue this season, except that to some extent blue fits in with the dimmer shades that become so common this time of year. But keep a close eye on the fashion collections you’re seeing this season and you may notice there are actually a lot of pieces of lingerie invoking colors that are somewhat unorthodox in cooler weather. I say run with it! Yes, shorter days with colder weather and the like seem to facilitate cooler colors, but once you’re in the comfort of your own home, who cares if you have yellow panties with a purple bra? Go wild.

Anyway, those are a few thoughts to cover the bases of the undergarment side of fall fashion. Again, I’d ultimately argue that the seasons should hold less sway over what we wear underneath. But these styles and concepts are fun to work into your wardrobe regardless of the time of year.