Fenty Beauty UNINVITED Stunna Lip Paint- Fall's HOTTEST Dark Lipcolor!

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Fenty Beauty UNINVITED

Just when you thought it was over! Rihanna hits us with yet another sick lip paint! Push aside the brown, pink, peachy and red. Miss Fenty just dropped the Fenty Beauty UNINVITED Stunna Lip Paint and it is rightfully receiving it’s crown as this fall’s hottest dark lip!

Fenty Beauty UNINVITED Stunna Lip Paint- Fall’s HOTTEST Dark Lipcolor

Fenty Beauty UNINVITED

RIP to all our wallets. While we were all having a moment of silence to the coins we just threw at Rih’s bank account; the cosmetics queen had one more surprise. A villainously delicious, noire lip tone that is completely on trend and beyond on fire.

UNINVITED is a ultra-rich, matte black with a brilliant soft finish. It comes complete with the fab Stunna Paint formula. You know, hyper-pigmented, long-lasting with high impact one stroke color.

Fenty Beauty UNINVITED

How long lasting is it? Well, Fenty Beauty is giving this product an awesome 12 hour wear time. Which means for literally half of your day, you’re good, good.

Oh… and yeah, this new kid to the lip paint block is also another “universal” lip tone. No feeling left out or worrying if this hue is going to be a huge disappointment. It won’t be. So then, whether you are light, dark, or somewhere in-between this liquid lipstick will look fab on you.

Fenty Beauty UNINVITED Stunna Lip Paint- Fall’s HOTTEST Dark Lipcolor (Continued)

Fenty Beauty UNINVITED

Enough of our two cents. Why don’t we hear a little from the brand? Fenty Beauty recently was all too kind to share some makeup intel on their new lip product. FB hit us with why UNINVITED was created and why you should give it go. Fenty Beauty reveals,

“STUNNA WEEK ain’t over… Meet UNINVITED, a smooth, rich black STUNNA lip paint that’s specially formulated with soft undertones. Who doesn’t love black? Rihanna made sure we had one that’s perfect for ALL skin tones.

Our last drop is the black lip you never knew you needed. Bring out the [baddie] with this soft-matte black shade in the same long-lasting formula. Being UNINVITED never felt so good! Rihanna created our newest soft-matte STUNNA Lip Paint in a rule-dying black to change the game. Whoever said you couldn’t pull off a black lip, was wrong!

Fenty Beauty UNINVITED

[Also] our last drop for STUNNA WEEK has a little something new! Get UNIVITED in a limited edition matte black cap and glow in the dark packaging!

UNINVITED is made to look bomb on everybody and give you the confidence to match. This black sets off any look and has soft undertones to complement every skin tone! This is how you show up uninvited! Available now ONLINE ONLY at fentybeauty.com, Sephora, Harvey Nichols and Sephora in JCP.”

Fenty Beauty UNINVITED Stunna Lip Paint

Fenty Beauty UNINVITED

Seeing is believeing right? Well, we thought it would be a great idea to include some swatches of Fenty’s black matte liquid lipstick; so that you could see what it would look like on various skin tones. To be honest… we are quite impressed.

Fenty Beauty UNINVITED

Fenty Beauty UNINVITEDFenty Beauty UNINVITEDFenty Beauty UNINVITED

As one can see, this black lipstick is a true to color gem. SUPER pigmented and looks fierce on each and every skin color. If you have ever dared to wear black or are wanting to edge up your makeup look, this product will definitely do it for you.

Recently, while hosting her very first Fenty Beauty Talk in Dubai, Rih got asked what is the secret to her gorgeous skin? The verdict? Rihanna says to, “work hard, don’t sleep… and wear Fenty Beauty girl.” Amen.

Fenty Beauty UNINVITED

Nevertheless, during her Beauty Talk, Rihanna also dropped the black lip color as well as new ad campaign visuals. The campaign features of course, Rihanna, along with saucey top model Slick Woods. Woods rocks UNINVITED with glossy eye lids while Rih goes for a icy cool look via silvery eye color. Courtesy of her Diamond Ballout CLF KILLAWATT.

Fenty Beauty UNINVITED

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