Fenty Beauty MATCH STIX Glow! Sheer Power in an Easy SkinStick!

Fenty Beauty MATCH STIX Glow
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Fenty Beauty MATCH STIX Glow


O-M-G!!! Fenty Beauty is having another baby this March and it is adding to their MATCH STIX siblings. The item? The NEW Fenty Beauty MATCH STIX Glow SkinStick! In your hands you shall wield the ultimate power of gorgeous, high-shine illumination in an easy to use stick! Woo!

Come on fellow makeup addicts…We know we can’t be the only ones excited about this drop. Rihanna has been the absolute queen in giving us mere mortals plenty of illuminating cosmetics. From her body Glow to her Fairy Bomb or liquid Diamond Bomb shimmer, Rih ensures that our skin glow STAYS popping!

Which is why our confidence is only on a very high level for this latest addition to the FB family. All of Fenty Beauty’s “glowing” items have been of high quality so we wouldn’t expect any less of this one.



Moreover, the reason why this is such a must-have is because it can do so much when it comes to adding definition to the face. Highlighting face makeup has the ability to attract light, thus creating the illusion of brightness and height. You know, that coveted lit-from-within look. A LOT of celebrities use highlighter glow makeup products in addition to contouring ones in order to lift and push features back.

All of this “lifting” and “pulling” via attracting light creates depth and angles. So if you’re weren’t “born with it” you can basically create stronger cheekbones, and enhance the overall structure of your face. Basically in a nutshell this new product from Fenty Beauty will help give shape to the face.

Fenty Beauty MATCH STIX Glow! The Perfect Answer to Spring 2020 Beauty Trends!

Furthermore, this drop comes at JUST the right time for beauty trends. Spring is right around the corner and it is a season that denotes renewal, revival and glamorous refresh. Nothing says that better than refreshed, youthful, glowing skin!

Moreover, spring glow was spotted all over designer runways. For instance at:


Brandon Maxwell SS20 (Above Photo)

Area SS20 (Above Photo)


Maki Oh SS20 (Above Photo)

Notice how gorgeous the model’s skin looked just by adding a touch of illumination in just the right places. You’ll be able to achieve the same look with Fenty Beauty’s MATCH STIX Glow!

Additionally, this trend is so awesome because it can work ALL day. Whether you’re keeping it causal for brunch or getting dolled up for dinner; luminousity looks divine at any time and in any lighting. It’s an universal look that just works.

Fenty Beauty MATCH STIX Glow! All the Makeup Intel!



Now let’s quickly get into the product itself. First of all, we love that it was developed to be manufactured as a stick. Less mess and it just makes it so simple to apply. For busy ladies headed to school or work, sticks can really help shave off some time.

PLUS, you can take it with you wherever you go! Instead of having to pack makeup brushes too; you can simply just grab MATCH STIX GLOW. Toss it in your purse or handbag, and you’ll be able to apply it anywhere and whenever you require a mini touch up.

The other plus is it’s universal appeal. We all love for our skin to look like we’re hiding the fountain of youth in our backyard. But as the beauty realm often reveals, is that not every product works on every skin tone. A challenge, but something that can be resolved if a company is willing to put the work in.

That is why we ADORE Rihanna, she gets it and her brand shows it. A quick glance at the swatches below and you can readily see the effort that went into the formulation of this product. It doesn’t just look amazing on one shade of skin. It looks fabulous on a large array of skin tones.


Fenty Beauty MATCH STIX Glow


Fenty Beauty MATCH STIX Glow! Sheer Power in an Easy Stick- Benefits on Benefits

Furthermore, if this new highlighter version of MATCH STIX is anything like the original; we are really in for something good! Below are some high points and benefits that the original and “current” MATCH STIX product accomplishes. The following isn’t just something we’re making up either. This is straight from the details that Fenty Beauty has so awesomely shared. In regards to the OG MATCH STIX’s FB says it possesses:

  • A longwear, light as air formula.
  • Fine tuned and tested to look good on full spectrum of skin tones.
  • Made to layer, buildable.
  • Formula is weightless and super easy to blend, but also stays put.
  • No creasing or caking when you apply it so even the delicate under eye area is fair game.

A magnetized illuminating makeup stick in a comfortable, lightweight formula that finishes any look with a natural-looking, dewy sheen.

But SPECIFICALLY does Fenty Beauty have to say about this new translucent STIX? In a brief description the cosmetics giant reveals,

“Glow up with the Skinstick that lets you dew you. Match Stix GLOW Skinstick takes your complexion to the next level with instant dewy radiance. The translucent base glides over skin like silk, leaving a touch of pearly iridescence for a subtle glow without glitter or sparkle. The result? A natural-looking glass finish that looks great on every skin tone.

Whether you wear it on a bare face or layered over makeup, the lightweight, non-sticky formula leaves you fresh-faced without looking or feeling greasy. And just like your favorite Match Stix, GLOW Skinstick is magnetized to click to Fenty Beauty’s SHIMMER and MATTE Skinsticks—as well as the Portable Highlighter Brush 140—so mix, match, click ‘em together and you’re set.”

So… Is There a Demand?

Honey… you best to believe there is! One way we always like to do in order to gauge if a makeup release will be a success is just see what the people are saying. And you guys are doing quite a bit of talking on social media when comes to Match Stix Glow. Here are just a few remarks!

“Girl I’m gonna burn the streets with this highlighter!”

“Yep a need for the no makeup look.”

“I’ve been waiting for y’all to come out with a Matchstix that has more of a sheen! Love it. Hoping there’s more shades to come.”

“So how would one apply this? Beauty Gurus do y’all thang.”

“All the way here for this #quarantineonfleek.”

“Yes Yes Yes! This is exactly the highlight I’ve been craving! Thank you!”

“Ordered this morning and just got the shipping notification. Thank you Sephora.”

“And this is why y’all are the goat.”

“Is this magic?

“How Much?”

“Living for this!”

“Oooooohh this what was on the last post! Okay like… Imma need like four of these… I’m about to carve out my whole body after these quarantine snacks disrespected it lol.”

“Mama like.”

“You trying to make me broke with these amazing products.”

“I neeeeeeedddd.”

“Need, but Canadian borders are shutdown right now. Will order when this virus blows over!”

“Lawd this gon look fly on my brides!”

“See what’s gonna happen I’m gonna go ahead and purchase my already 6 item cart… Then you gonna release this… I can’t wait!”

“Welp… Immma have to go and justify this future purchase to my budget.”

As one can see, Rihanna EASILY has another hit on her hands. The perfect addition to any makeup bag, especially if you love giving a slight boost to your natural makeup looks.

Fenty Beauty MATCH STIX Glow! Shall We Talk Price Y’all?

And that’s just a few awesome things that stood out to us about the MATCH STIX fambam. So as you can see, if this newest addition keeps to those things you are about to have another amazing product on your hands!


Fenty Beauty MATCH STIX Glow


What about the price? As of right this second there is not much Intel on that. However, there are a few clues. Most Fenty Beauty products range in price somewhere between $25-$40. With the exception of the mini Fairy Bomb ($10) and Diamond Bomb Buki Duo ($73).

Therefore, this Glow item could easily fall within the usual price point. However, the most telling clue could come from the MATCH STIX lineup itself. Currently, MATCH STIX retails for $25 each; so then it would make sense for MATCH STIX to be sold for $25 as well.

Only time will tell and more details are sure to be revealed soon! As we get them we’ll be sure to fill you all in!


Listen up listen up and give ear! Now it’s been a little time since we released initial details in regards to the NEW Fenty Beauty Match Stix Glow SkinStick. One thing that was still up in the air; was what the price would be once drop time rolled around.

Well we are happy to report that the number is in! The Glow SkinStick will officially go for $25. So right in that sweet zone we predicted.

Nevertheless, don’t forget the locations you can go to pick up your Fenty Beauty goods. They are available online AND in-store. Stock up at www.fentybeauty.com , HarveyNichols.com , SEPHORA and Sephora in JCP. Got it? Great! Enjoy your new stuff and as always Happy shopping Loves!

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