Exercise To Lose Belly Fat - Core To The Floor

Lose Belly Fat
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Belly fat is the most dangerous fat there is. I’m not talking about the belly fat that lies on top of your stomach muscles. What I’m talking about is the subcutaneous fat that lies around the organs in your abdominal area. This fat is much harder to get rid of.

If you want to get fit and stay healthy, then this is the fat you need to target. The best part is that you will also target that fat on top of your belly too.  With just a little exercise you will not only look better, you will feel better. It takes a lot less exercise than you think.  The proper routine can give you a great workout and help you meet your goals.

Did you know? One of the leading contributors to belly fat is a high level of cortisol. If you have a high level of cortisol, a stress hormone, it makes it very easy to pack on stomach fat.

Exercise, particularly anything that makes you relax, will help you reduce cortisol and increase the number of feel good hormones, endorphins. When you shift these hormones, it makes it easier to burn the fat and keep it off.

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