Editor's Diary: Geometric Swimsuits

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Editors Diary Geometric Swimsuits

It’s that time of year to take it all off and show the world what you are working with! Or at the very least show what you have been working out to get. How can you flaunt your fit and fabulous physique? Be the belle of the beach this season and slip into a one of a kind bikini.

However, why wear something that everyone else is likely to wear as well? I know you’re probably thinking, c’mon there’s only so many ways to wear a two piece. Feast your eyes on the geometric swimsuit. It’s sexy, fun and its unique design will definitely help you stand out from the summer fashion crowd. So then, what do you think? Are you a geometric swimsuit type of girl?

Fashion Tip: Take a look at that top, the design is perfect for those of us needing a little more support upstairs.