Dior Vernis in Czarina Gold

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Dior Vernis in Czarina Gold #916I talk about nail polish a lot on here because I love it! People always seem to notice when nails look good so I do my best not to disappoint. There are a lot of great colors out on the market right now, but one in particular has definitely caught my eye.

This is the time of year that you will find a large array of festive nail colors. I love glitter in nail polishes because it just screams let’s have a good time! Moreover, with all the parties that you will be hitting your nails will fit right in.

My nail polish of choice right now is Dior Vernis in Czarina Gold #916. The actual color of the polish falls within the brown, chocolate family. However, what makes this polish pop is its inclusion of tiny gold flecks. Party on!