Dior Cruise 2021 Collection -Ethereal Femininity and Elegance!

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Dior Cruise 2021


Dainty, elegant, light yet exquisite. All terms that harmoniously describe the essence that is the Dior Cruise 2021 collection! A fashion show that perfectly walked the line of soft, subtle couture; effortlessly infused with vibrantly bold, seductive embellishments.

Dior Cruise 2021 Collection -Ethereal Femininity and Elegance


Dior Cruise 2021


What served as the inspiration behind Dior’s fabulous 2020 Cruise collection? The luxury couture house was kind enough to reveal all! Dior states,

“The Dior Cruise 2021 show from Maria Grazia Chiuri opened with a vaporous gown embroidered all over with wheat motifs. Forging a link with the millenia-old identity of the Puglia region that inspired the collection. And symbolizing the femininity that is at the heart of the House.


Dior Cruise 2021


A magnificent and magical show held on the Piazza del Duomo in the historical Italian city of Lecce. A lyrical love letter to the perpetuation of savior faire and the beauty of women. Inspired by the natural beauty; history, culture and crafts of the southern Italian region of Puglia; in which the show was held; and to which the Creative Director has a treasured family connection. Maria Grazia Chiuri turned to Fondazione Le Constantine; a weaving workshop and school; for two color textiles that brought a soft structure to dresses and skirts.”



Dior Cruise 2021 Collection (Continued)

Before we continue of with the inspiration and elements making up this gorgeous collection. Here are a few more looks and designs for your viewing pleasure! We love the delicate as well as graceful feel of these garments.


Dior Cruise 2021





Beautiful yes? Nevertheless, there is more to behold! For 2021, tradition as well as Monsieur Christian Dior’s own adoration of florals play a part in the luxury sophistication of this collection. The Dior brand explains,

“The region’s textile identity was further celebrated in pieces such as striped cottons. As well as a dress composed of squares of cotton lace. Alluding to a tradition of women producing lace squares at different moments in their life; here assembled as if telling the life story of a woman.


Dior Cruise 2021


In Puglia, the beauty of nature is an unmistakable part of the area’s identity. To explore this idea, Chiuri turned to her frequent collaborator Pietro Ruffo. Who evoked the flowers of the fields in strong solo depictions or complex combinations that offer a nod to Monsieur Dior’s own passion for plants. The sun-drenched landscapes and the craft tradition were further channeled by the Creative Director; with colorful knit and print patchworks.”



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