Black Women Fitness: Serena Williams Splits Warm Up

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Black Women Fitness Serena Williams Splits Warm Up

When we saw these photos our mouths literally dropped to the floor. Yes, we have fitness goals, but Serena shows how to really take things next level! In the pics Williams shows off her extreme flexibility which we are sure is one of the major reasons she dominates on the court. In a caption for the photos Serena even writes, “Proceed with caution.” Oh we will Serena, trust us we will LOL.

Flexibility is one of the most important yet often neglected aspects of fitness. Why is flexibility so important anyway when it comes to having a knockout physique? Here are three reasons why you should not ignore working on being more flexible:

1. Increases blood flow to the muscles.

2. Helps to improve performance in physical activities.

3. Decreases risk of injury since joints are encouraged to move their full range of motion.

So then, flexibility will protect you from needing a doctor after dance class and help you to be a better athlete. Nevertheless, being more limber is not always an easy task. We all have different ranges of flexibility which is why it is good not to compare ourselves to others. However, what are some ways that can help to improve the situation?

  • Warm Up– Never go straight into your workout, warm up first in order to prepare your body for more work. By the time you are done warming up you should be lightly sweating.
  • H20– Drink plenty of water because dehydrated muscles will not stretch to their full range of motion.
  • Be Still-Save static stretches for after your workout and remember not to stretch to the point of pain when holding positions.

There you have it girls some tips to help us all beast like Serena in the athletic department. None of us may win Wimbledon or a Grand Slam but who says we can’t look like we did! Keep up the good work Serena you inspire us to be more fit.

Black Women Fitness Serena Williams Splits Warm Up2

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