Black Girl Hair: Karrueche's TNT Claws Large Hoop Earrings Hairdo

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Black Girl Hair

In the world of black girl hair styles sometimes you feel like you have truly seen it all. Braids, updo, waves, braids, curls, twists, straight and sleek. Then out of no where some ingenious hair stylist throws us all a curve ball. Did you hair lovers catch the newest one to hit the trendy hairstyle scene?

Black Girl Hair: Karrueche’s TNT Claws Large Hoop Earrings Hairdo

TNT’s new hit television show Claws certainly came out swinging! The series instantly garnered fans creating a cult following. Now of course the acting and numerous beauty looks have received much praise. Side Bar: If you have not seen some of the Claws’ fab claw creations aka nail designs. You have to hit up the series’ IG page. They are serving looks honey!

Nevertheless, being that the show follows the lives of beauty professionals it makes sense that much flair and style would be apart of the show as well. For in stance, Karrueche’s character, Virginia is beyond Bad and Boujie! From furs to six inch heels Virginia rocks them all.

Black Girl Hair

Moreover, a BTS shot of Tran on set revealed a hair look that is every bit urban fresh. Karrueche’s blonde tresses are pulled back into a some up, some down fashion. To add drama braids as well as humongous hoop earrings are incorporated. We have seen flowers, gold clasps, crowns and even bobby pins be used as hair accessories, but never large hoop earrings.

Definitely a hair look that is outside of the conventional black girl hair box. What do you think of Karrueche’s style for Claws? Would you rock it or pass?

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