Benefits of Greek Yogurt - Prevent Acne With This Treatment

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On date night, at parties and around your crush acne seems to pop up out of nowhere. Wouldn’t it be great if there was an easy button to hit to keep pimples from rearing their little ugly heads (literally LOL)? Take heart dolls because there is actually a weekly treatment you can perform on yourself to take back control. Enjoy today’s beauty quickie as we investigate the benefits of greek yogurt.

Benefits of Greek Yogurt – Prevent Acne With This Treatment

Can’t we all just get along? Sometimes bacteria can be a friend and other times our foe. However, this doesn’t mean we still can’t attain our happily ever after. The reason why some individuals choose to consume greek yogurt is because sometimes we can become a little unbalanced. How does that come about?

Have you ever heard of the term “flora?” Flora or bacteria are microorganisms that live in the bodies of humans. All of us possess good and bad bacteria that reside in our stomachs as well as on the outside of our skin. The goal is to maintain a healthy balance of good ones and bad ones.

If too many bad bacteria begin to overtake the good bacteria resting on the skin an imbalance can cause a few issues. The type of issues us girls actively try to avoid. Think pimple causing acne and inflammation. So then, we’re sure you would agree that it is best not to tip the scales.

Benefits of Greek Yogurt- The Skincare Treatment


The benefits of greek yogurt can be seen throughout our body. However, we will just focus on skincare. Just as eating greek yogurt benefits the stomach, applying it to the skin topically can keep skin calm and clear. Here’s a simple facial mask treatment that you can do at home:

  • Mix together probiotic-rich plain greek yogurt and honey
  • Apply mixture to the face generously
  • Leave yogurt mask on for around half and hour
  • Rinse off treatment with lukewarm water

So then, don’t allow acne or inflammation to when the battle. Be strong in the skincare war and come away the beauty victor with the help of good flora thanks to greek yogurt.

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