Are You Worried About Your Hair Shedding?

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There are some lucky women who rarely ever see any hair shed when they comb, wash or blow dry their hair. Then there are the rest of us who can always count on seeing some hair in the comb or on the floor or on our clothing. It drives us crazy seeing the hair and makes us start to wonder if we are losing too much hair.

The thing is we are all different so there is no set amount of hair shedding that is acceptable for every single person. Some have said it is common to lose 50 to 100 hairs per day, but that doesn’t necessarily apply to each one of us.

There are a few things to consider when it comes to how much hair you are shedding.

  1. How dense is your hair? Density is simply how thick or how thin your hair is. Try looking at your hair from lots of different angles, if you can see your scalp from any angle then you have low density hair, if you can’t see the scalp then you have high density hair. So then the more dense your hair is the more hair you will have to shed.
  2. How long is your hair? If you see a lot of hairs take a look at the length of them. The longer the hair the more volume of shedding there will appear to be. A few balled up strands of longer hair may look much worse than it really is.
  3. How consistent is the hair shed? Pay attention to how much hair shed you have each day. Some women actually collect and keep their hair shed each day so they know exactly how much hair is shedding daily. If that’s a little too involved for you, just do the eyeball test. Look at your hair shed each day and make a mental note to compare it to the next day. If the hair shed stays pretty consistent, then there’s probably nothing to be worried about.
  4. What external factors are involved? Pregnancy, aging, stress or certain hair products are but a few external factors that can cause hair shedding. You need to examine your daily life to see if there is something going on that could be the culprit of your hair shedding and then be quick to make any necessary changes.

Postpartum Shedding on Natural Hair

After considering these points, you should be able to determine if your hair shedding is normal for you. It is very important not to compare your hair shedding to anyone else’s as that will only cause you more stress and anxiety.

If you feel your hair shedding is not normal, then of course you would want to consult a hair care professional to get help. But just understand that you don’t have to go off the deep end if you see some hair shedding.