Ajak Deng's Saint Laurent 100 Lou 48mm Retro Sunglasses

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Saint Laurent 100 Lou 48mm Retro Sunglasses

Trust us, seven words… Saint Laurent 100 Lou 48mm Retro Sunglasses. Living here in sunny Los Angeles we are as tied to our sunglasses as we are our smartphones, In-N-Out or vegan food. You know whatever one floats your boat. We have our ways and our fashion choices fall in line with them. We wake up to the sun shining in our eyes and even after it sets our attiude reflects a pop song from the 80’s; we “wear our sunglasses at night.” It is a necessary part of life so we Californians pretty much consider ourselves to be Sunglasses-Connoisseurs. Whatever is fresh, modern and trendy we are most likely a credit card swipe away from sliding them over our peepers.

Therefore, what is cool look for this season? Studded fashions have been everywhere so far this year. Jackets, belts and shoe-wear have all received the studded touch. Now the lovely three-dimensional detailing have found their way on yet another chic accessory.

We spotted model, Ajak Deng, wearing a brand new design by YSL aka Saint Laurent in celebration of it finally being the weekend. She posted several pics of herself while relaxing at a spa wearing her designer shades stating, “happy Friyaaaayyyyy.” She wore a pair of studded black sunnies known as Saint Laurent 100 Lou 48mm Retro Sunglasses as previously mentioned. Here are a few more visuals of her eyewear:

Saint Laurent 100 Lou 48mm Retro Sunglasses2 Saint Laurent 100 Lou 48mm Retro Sunglasses3

The Saint Laurent 100 Lou Retro Sunglasses retail for $495 and can be purchased by going here. If you are not a fan of black tinted glasses, the shades come in a total four colors as follows:

  • Black/Gold/Smoke
  • Havana/Gold/Smoke
  • Ivory/Gold/Smoke
  • Red/Gold/Smoke

Ajak Deng looked like the epitome of cool in her new shades. Enjoy your weekend and cop yourself a pair so that you can look straight off a catwalk too!

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Saint Laurent 100 Lou 48mm Retro Sunglasses4